Free humour Kindle books for 16 Jul 18

The Not-So-Adventures of Truck and Mikey Volume 2

by Freya Anselme

Follow the story of two American dudes, and those involved in their lives, in The Not-So-Adventures of Truck and Mikey. This conflicting duo will partake in many things on their not-so-adventures: sitting on the porch, doing drugs, making desperate attempts to get laid, enduring uniformed gangs, and above all else, entertaining themselves and surviving in the most boring place known to mankind. Idaho.

Dog eat Doug Volume 10: The Tenth Comic Strip Collection

by Brian Anderson

What readers are saying about Dog eat Doug:

“If you like Calvin and Hobbes, then this is a must read. It is full of ridiculous references and subtle yet very effective humor. I LOVE dog eat Doug.” – Ethan

“Love dogs, love kids, this is the comic strip and book for me. Yes there is an homage to Calvin & Hobbes and even Peanuts, but this strip has a charm all it’s own and I love it. Even named our dog Sophie.” – Kellie Russ

“Page after page of laugh out loud fun. I’ve been reading about Doug and Sophie for a while and just love their adventures. This is a good read for all ages.” – Ruth Craig

“It took a long time to find a comic that could replace Calvin and Hobbes for me.” – Peter Mol

“Brian Anderson is a genius. I love his writing and his characters are ever endearing. My only gripe about this second collection of Sophie the Lab, baby Doug and their family is the book ends far too soon – I wish there were more! You can’t go wrong with Brian Anderson, his stories and art. Enjoy!” – Banzai

In the spirit of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, or Calvin and Hobbes, Dog eat Doug is the cartooning creation of Brian Anderson that follows the daily exploits of Sophie, a cheese-loving chocolate Lab with a nose for the nuances of sarcasm and irony, and baby Doug, a healthy, happy newborn with no concept of jealousy and a limitless curiosity.

Together, this dynamic duo adjusts to sharing the spotlight, the toys, and the affections of Mom and Dad, while exploring nature and its majesty, the couch and its cushions, and the cookie jar and its contents.

And if you enjoy this collection, you’ll find a link to download another free book of Dog eat Doug, stuffed with dog humor, cats, babies and other lovable animals.

A Smidge of Crazy: More Quirky Essays for Quirky People

by Barbara Venkataraman

A collection of humorous insights into important topics ranging from being targeted by annoying ads (“Nowhere to Hide”), to resorting to symbols when you’ve forgotten your words (“At a Loss for Words”), to figuring out what door that extra key opens (“My Extra Key”). Other essays examine how sitting is the new smoking (whatever that means), and why it is just so hard to focus when you have the attention span of a gnat.

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