Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 16 Jul 18

Customer Service Can Be Deadly: Book Two in the Customer Service Can be Murder Series

by Chris McKay Pierce

This is a tongue in cheek, cozy mystery with a slight edge for any audience, young adult to old adult. The quiet life of a Customer Service Specialist just got interesting, and scary. Chris is a quirky but feisty lady who is faced with a stalker who wants her help, extreme cold, and a crazy private investigator who loves the chase. Flowers and vague notes are not the boss of her, but she wants to help a woman in trouble, if only that woman can figure out what she wants. She is a typical Minnesotan faced with the unexpected. That has to be funny. At least she has wine, her neighbor has chocolate and her Saturn works.

I Won’t Cut My Hair!: Teach kids about vanity and the courage of accepting change (MY CRAZY STORIES SERIES)

by Daniel Georges

Sally is the prettiest girl in town with her gorgeous purple hair. But she wants her hair to grow longer and longer to be prettier and prettier. When is enough?
A fun story about vanity, the courage of accepting change andâ?¦ a first haircut.

MY CRAZY STORIES is a humorous series starring emotionally intelligent kids who are confident about taking decisions leading to maturing and a better understanding of the values and facts of life.

Early learning – Beginner Readers
Pre School and Age 3-8
Read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children

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