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The Mail-Order Bride Carries a Gun (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 1)

by Wanda Ann Thomas

The mail-order bride seeks justice. Not a husbandâ?¦

ELLA HUNTER never thought she’d be a mail-order bride. But when she sees a photo in the Marriage Gazette of the man she believes killed her brother, Ella agrees to marry the Civil War soldier turned cowboy. Prepared to confront a cold-hearted killer then return home, she finds all her expectations dashed when her intended husband appears to be a good man. Ella’s loyalties are torn between honoring the memories of her family and her undeniable attraction to Ty Haven.

TY HAVEN needs a wife. The ranch he runs in the wilds of Wyoming Territory could use a woman’s influence. Frankly, so could he. So when Ella arrives like a gift tied up in a cornflower-blue hair ribbon, more intelligent, practical, and, yes, beautiful, than he could have imagined, he hopes she will give him and the West a chance. Turns out, he doesn’t just need a wife. He needs Ella. But she has a secret, and it might destroy their marriage almost before it’s begun.

Can the unforgivable be forgiven? What will the cowboy ranchman do when he learns whyâ?¦THE MAIL-ORDER BRIDE CARRIES A GUN?

THE BRIDES OF SWEET CREEK RANCH is an uplifting Sweet Historical Western Romance series introducing the untamed Haven brothers. A cattleman, gunslinger, rodeo cowboy, cattle rustler, and gambler, the adopted brothers struggle to save the family’s frontier ranch. Only women with grit and courage would consider making a home in the remote wilds of Wyoming as well as give the safekeeping of their hearts to the Haven men. Come visit Sweet Creek Ranch and experience love, adventure, and happily ever after.

Lady of the Dead (Night World Series Book 1)

by Gretchen S. B.

A Lady of the Dead only comes along once in a century. Gwen knows this makes her valuable but she hates the constant supervision of her Warrior guards. Her increasing power has gifted her some independence until rumors of war spook her guards enough to report to the King.

Cesar has been King of North America through several wars and rebellions. When one of his generals informs him these new rumors involve the Lady of the Dead he flies to Seattle himself it investigate, posing as his second-in-command. The instant attraction he feels to Gwen becomes increasingly hard to ignore.

Will Cesar be able to protect Gwen while battling his lust? Will Gwen stay with her warrior guards or will Cesar’s dominating nature push her to switch sides? Hidden alliances surface in Lady of the Dead.

Written In Flames

by Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Nolan and Delilah have set each other alight in this romantic suspense, but passion is a wildfire which devours everything in its path. Broken people shouldn’t play with matches.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I dream of flames that are soul deep

But if they should come
Before the night is done

I pray the lord my heart to save
If the fire my flesh should crave.

Nolan Leith: pyromaniac, recluse, and predator perched above the world.
Delilah Carmine: heir to a failing business, ballerina, and obsessive compulsive.

The pull of the fire was never something he could ignore. Even now, he barely controls the need to set the entire world alight. His one lover is a flaming seductress that taunts him with her beauty and danger. He couldn’t resist if he tried. Will they all get burned, or will they rise from their ashes?

Delilah brings with her an intruder to his sacred zone. Curiosity has her trespassing upstairs. Her nocturnal neighbor fascinates her, the brooding tenant above her has her enthralled and captivated. She needs to be the one to extinguish his burning needs, but will he have tolerance for her compulsive habits or will he see Red?

Eastern Gods: An Epic Fantasy Romance: The Western Wars Series

by Amy K Kuivalainen

He’s an anti-social prince, unfortunate enough to capture a spy.

She’s the last known scholar of a fabled land.

Only together can they stop a magical war that will rip their world apart.

Eastern Gods is the first book in a new epic romance fantasy series. If you like complex worlds, a will they, won’t they romance and magical destiny’s, then you’ll love this series starter.

When he catches a spy in his kingdom, Haldirian is sent to the only reliable scholar of the East in Elindor. As the first female heir in history, and carrying a warrior’s swagger, Aláenor isn’t what Haldirian has learned to expect from bookish scholars.

Elindor turned their back on magic hundreds of years ago,and they will have no way to stand against it if the mysterious magician and Emperor of the East decides to make war.

Together, Aláenor and Haldirian will journey to the other side of the world to learn the truth, but nothing is as it seems, and the East will reveal secrets to Aláenor that will shatter her world.

With allies betraying her at every turn, and magic awakening in her veins, Aláenor will be torn between saving those she loves and allying herself with her greatest enemy…

The Western Wars Series:
1. Eastern Gods
2. The Golden Queen 

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