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Gamma Ray Games: Meltdown (The Pioneer Missions Book 1)


When a thorium reactor is destroyed, can Captain Jackson explain the value of the deadly gamma rays it was generating?

His mission was to investigate the sudden appearance of a nuclear plant on the pre-industrial world Tau Ceti D. Instead he found himself in the middle of an alien power struggle. Looking up the one person he can trust, an enchanting female metallurgist, he is surprised by more than just the leap of technology he finds in her home. Inside the reactor, he discovers the real reason for the electrical plant wasn’t philanthropic at all, but to covertly collect gamma rays, potentially lethal despite the assurances that a meltdown could never happen.

Action packed, described like “an episode of Star Trek”, discover a world you didn’t know existed – nuclear fission with near zero radioactive waste, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Gamma Rays are the most deadly in the known universe, but also rare in nature, versatile, and valuable. A quick read for a nice diversion when the real world gets you down.

(Novella, 25K words)

43 Days to Oblivion (The Jolo Vargas Space Opera Series Book 2)

by J.D. Oppenheim

Still hunted by the Fed, Jolo turns space pirate and is happy to steal what he needs from the core and live on the fringes of space in anonymity. But when the BG start attacking Fed targets and ramping up for war, he’s forced into a decision. Will he sit by and let the BG worms kill humans or stand and fight?

Games of Fire

by Samuel T. Evans

Jared’s past is unknown. He was brought to Sector 6 from a place called the Institute. But as he begins to compete in the Fire Games something strange is happening. Is it because of his past, or is there some mystery beyond his control that hold even deeper secrets? As Jared’s abilities begin to develop, so do memories of places he has never known. Perhaps this is the reason he will continue to compete; to learn who and perhaps what he really is.

Sexy Science! 3 Stories of Paranormal Ménage!

by Kenzie Silver

In Futanari Threeway… for Science! Dr. Adi Pande is a renowned geneticist and gender theorist who loves making her students lives miserable! Yet one day a freak accident involving bull hormones causes her two cute and perky first year students to gain super strength and a panty-splitting bulge. Little does Dr. Pande realize it, but the micro-managing supervisor is about to come face to face with their big, long, and rock-hard secrets! And then in Another Gender Swap… for Science! some college boys stumble upon a secret cache of a mysterious glowing beaker that was smuggled out of the labs, but when one of them spills it on himself he turns into the hottest girl on campus before their very eyes! How long can the horny hellcat be trusted around “her” former, hard-bodied friends? Finally, in Futanari Fivewayâ?¦ for Science! a senior researcher is conducting an admissions interview with four of the brightest young minds the college has to offer, but when a test-demonstration goes awry and the four perky cuties are sprayed with a gender bender chemical, they not only begin to sprout hard, throbbing panty-splitting bulges but a wicked desire to use them on the incredibly hot and tempting MILFy researcher!

Virtual Heaven: A Novel

by Taylor Kole

Why live, when dying brings you straight to heaven?

The mysterious tech firm Broumgard pioneers a new form of virtual reality that mirrors, even exceeds, real life. Before long, people are dying to escape their humdrum lives for the virtual ecstasy of the Lobby. Literally.
When the world discovers that dying while connected to the Lobby might mean an eternity in a virtual heaven, people are willing to do anything to get inside.
Alex Cutler is the only one who can stop the madness he helped create, but have things gone too far?

Rise of the New Gods Part 1: The Guardian Chronicles: Daniel 1

by J.T. Whitman


And there is only one person that can stop them. Daniel. When his girlfriend is infected by the goddess Nexa to become her vessel, Daniel will stop at nothing to save her. But the one behind it all will shock him. Will he save his girlfriend and stop Nexa from resurrecting?

The Order of Dagnon: The Guardian Chronicles: Nathaniel 1

by J.T. Whitman

Nathaniel a.k.a. Duke is an expert vampire hunter slaying every vampire that come across his path. A group of vampires tired of their numbers dwindling has decided to resurrect the vampire lord Dagnon.


by Usama Zeki

A mystery book that tells the story of James Swanwick who caused his own birth.
He was found in the rubble of a mine in Pennsylvania in 1891 when Francis picked him up and raised him, until he knew he was adopted he ran away. The military got a hold of him, they did experiments on him until he had enough and ran away to France, then fought in the First World War. After the fist world war he decided to get revenge, when he realized he could fix the problem by preventing the explosion in 1891, and THAT”S WHERE IT ALL BEGAN

The Modified Ones (The Butterfly Code Book 3)

by Sue Wyshynski

An unthinkable bloodline. A wondrous promise.

Aeris, who’s now on the run, finds blissful refuge on a vast ship when she becomes trapped by a powerful man with corrupted loyalties. Now Aeris must join forces with her kidnapper’s henchwoman to attempt a desperate escape. The journey takes them out across a violent, stormy sea with a child Aeris is sworn to protect, even as stark revelations break like tidal waves all around them. Aeris will never give up her quest to bring justice for her mother’s killer. But the final journey may prove to irrevocably sever the remaining precious ties between Aeris and the man she so desperately loves…

What readers are saying about the Girl On Fire series:

“Warning!!! Seriously this book will take over your life once you start reading so plan ahead if possible, it is that engrossing.”
-Tonyalove, Amazon Reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

“Easily one of my favorite reads this year! I was completely and utterly consumed!”
-Stacy, Amazon Reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

“I’ll definitely be looking for more books by this author!”
-MD, Amazon Reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

Join Aeris in The Modified Girl and start finishing the stunning conclusion today!

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