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Beginning: SHTF Prepping: The Ultimate Prepper’s Guide To Water Storage, Food Storage, Canning, And Preserving (SHTF, Stockpile, Barter, Homesteading, … Cookbooks, Economic Collapse,)

by Dr John Stone

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Today’s world is full of war, terrorism, civil unrest and a natural disaster can strike at any time. Even if we are forced to do this and not battling Mother Nature for survival, and saying that we live in a scary world suits appropriate here. Typically people ignore these things and always go about their daily lives. Instead we have to think about the potential for disaster that is constantly looming over our heads at least when we go to bed at night thinking about What if the worst does happen? Are we prepared for this situation? Can we take care of our family? Can we survive?

It can be overwhelming to think about all of the little things that we need to survive. Thankfully, this book gives you a straightforward outline and tells you exactly what it is that you need to do in these situations. You will also discover there are plenty of things you can do today to help you prepare for an uncertain tomorrow. Learning how to preserve food at home is one of the most important jobs you have when it comes to planning an adequate food storage.

As food is the primary resource for a human being to survive, preparing yourself for these tough situations will help you in many ways. With the help of this book you can figure out the amount of food and water that is being consumed by your family. With this information you can plan the things for your family survival even for a short time crisis as well as long time crisis that leaves you on your own for weeks or possibly months to come.

Predicting the future is impossible, but you can prepare for it by building up a food pantry that will keep your family fed. If you run out of food or your food pantry is destroyed, you know how to survive in these situations and how to scavenge for more food and water. While that is a worst-case scenario, but you have to prepare for anything. Don’t wait another day. This is a project that is going to take some time. You have to start now. Procrastination is a killer! Get busy and start planning your emergency survival cache.

In this book you will;

  • Learn How To Plan Your Food And Water Supply For the Short, Medium & Long Term Emergencies
  • Learn How to Store Water Safely
  • Learn the techniques in packing up your emergency life supply so it will last longer
  • Learn How to Store Food Safely
  • Learn How To Preserve Your Food By Canning And The Various Other Methods Of Food Preservation
  • Learn Ways You Can Properly Manage Your Water And Food Should An Emergency Occurs
  • Learn Ways To Scavenge and Restock Your Supplies
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“I really enjoyed reading this book, it is a brillint guide to properly preserve food. It has valuable information and practical tips in filling your survival pantry in case of an emergency. This book is straight to the point and tells you how to deal with things in these situations. I leant a lot from this book, thanks for sharing”……………. Mark

“A very helpful, informative read. The book literally prepares the preppers! I love the way the author presents new ideas for preppers on how they can save their and other lives. The instruction part is super easy to follow!”……………. Aaron Parker

Read This Book And Survive If The Going Gets Tough!

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How to Analyze People: The Complete Guide to Judging & Persuading People

by Peter Filip

How to Analyze People, is a guide to understand people and human behavior leading to more fruitful relationships and business affiliations.

It is said that 80% of our communication is non-verbal, that is from the movements of the body and each person gives out what they are thinking through these movements, though they might say something else. Reading the body language is the key to reading people.
With science, we have come to a point where we can divide people into categories. Yes, each human is different, and everyone acts differently, but understanding the common traits helps you categorize and relate different people. Understanding the people is not only the way to have a better social life, but a way to climb the corporate ladder speedily and have smooth relationships.

GERD Diet: The Complete and Effective GERD Diet Easy Meal Plan with Delicious Recipes & Proven Natural Remedies for the Relief of GERD (GERD Cure, GERD Cookbook, Acid Reflux, Heartburn)

by Daniel Michaels

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Learn an Effective GERD Diet and Easy Meal Plan today to help heal GERD Symptoms to experience relief and live a happier, healthier life!

Limited Time Offer: Get to own this proven guide for just $2.99! Regularly priced at $7.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Have you ever asked –

– is GERD Diet effective?
– can a GERD Diet really help relieve my GERD Symptoms?
– will alternative Natural Remedies help me with my GERD?

â?¦ but finding it difficult to get the information you seek in order to understand GERD better and how it can be treated naturally?

Have you always wanted to know –

– what delicious recipes can I prepare in a GERD Diet?
– how do you implement an effective GERD Diet Meal Plan?

… but yet to find a proven resource that will show you how in a easy to prepare, simple and step-by-step approach?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this book “GERD diet: The Complete and Effective GERD Diet Easy Meal Plan with Delicious Recipes & Proven Natural Remedies for the Relief of GERD” is for you.In this book, you’re about to discover how you too can experience soothing relief from your GERD Symptoms.

â??â?? Here is What You Will Learn: â??â??

– What GERD is and how to know if you have GERD or Acid reflux.
– How the Doctor diagnosis GERD, and treatment programs that they have.
– Medications for GERD and the side effects that come with them.
– Natural remedies that will alleviate or cure your GERD symptoms
– A comparison between modern medications and natural remedies, and what the best options are
– Recipes that will help you eat healthily and start a GERD Diet Meal Plan
– Two separate GERD diet plans that you can try to that can help you heal yourself
– An example of how to start a food journal to help with the healing process
– Action steps for results you can experience today

â??â?? Added Benefits you’ll discover by owning this book and help heal treat your GERD: â??â??

– Delicious Recipes for Breakfast.
– Delicious Recipes for Snacks.
– Delicious Recipes for Lunch.
– Delicious Recipes for Soups.
– Delicious Recipes for Dinner.
– Delicious Recipes for Salads.
– Delicious Recipes for Dessert.

â??â?? PLUS: Bonus Section Included – How to Lose Weight with GERD Diet and reach the weight you desire while experiencing better health and living a happier, healthier lifestyle! â??â??

By implementing the valuable information in this book you will be able to effectively heal your GERD and start making happy changes to your lifestyle.

You will have many recipes to try out and be able to make a proper meal plan, based on the directions listed in this book. With a bit of hard work, some exercise, a proper diet, and small meals every 2 hours you can learn to get you health in check and start to cure your GERD!

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Polar Bear: Photo books Fantasy World of Polar Bears, Photography, Pictures Books (Photo book animals 1)

by Arika Williams

89 pages large size Photo books of Polar bear, photo books nature, photo books adults, photo books children, photo books for babies,
photo book for education

Suitable for education and relaxation

Life and nature that you will never miss.

Full-size images and full color.

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