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Wealth Mastery: Success Habits To Boost Up Your Income, Optimize Your Pocket Balance And Unlock Your Hidden Potential For Being A Millionaire (Success, … Happiness, Freedom, Mindset,, Manifesting)

by Christina Wallington

Many people remain poor for one reason. It’s not that they don’t work hard; it’s not that they live lives that are too luxurious for the standards of their income, but because of their mindset.
And it’s not your fault.
You see, most of us grew in homes where our parents lived from paycheck to paycheck. It seemed that a comfortable life meant being able to pay the bills, and as long as they owned a house and some cars, they were not considered poor. Becoming a billionaire was something that we saw as the exclusive reserve of a few people; the 1% and we didn’t think that it was easy or even possible for us to get on this list. So we gladly settled for living the same way our parents, our uncles and aunts, our neighbors and most of the people we knew did. To us, wealth or becoming a billionaire was a fairytale; something that could only happen when you were extremely lucky or into illegal or activities.
Many of us have grown with this is the poverty mindset and the sad thing is that this kind of mentality stands in the way of getting rich. You may find it very difficult to become wealthy if you continue to think this way.
Two things make a man wealthy; your mindset and your habits.
This book is a step-by-step guide to take you to your wealthy place. It doesn’t matter if you are currently deep in debt or working a 9-5 job that can barely pay the bills, this book would show you all the right steps you need to take to gain financial freedom and build wealth.

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