Free humour Kindle books for 17 Jul 18

La chica que soñaba con un anillo (Chicas Magazine nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Olivia Kiss

Jane, perfeccionista y correcta, trabaja en la revista Golden Miller como redactora de la sección de bodas. Y, por supuesto, siempre ha soñado con casarse y tener un enlace perfecto, pero, hasta la fecha, su príncipe azul no ha aparecido y se conforma con acudir a las ceremonias de boda de la jet set de Nueva York para realizar reportajes completos.
Sin embargo, su trabajo soñado se convierte en una pesadilla cuando le asignan a Gabe Jenkins como compañero después de que este cometa una infracción y el jefe lo relegue de su habitual puesto como redactor deportivo. Gabe no solo no cree en el amor, sino que además es insolente, poco dado a seguir las normas y el polo opuesto de Jane.
¿Conseguirán entenderse siendo tan distintos?

The United States of Air: A Satire

by J.M. Porup

The National Sewer Agency is spying on people’s toilets, looking for food terrorists…

Food Enforcement Agent Jason Frolick believes in America. He believes in eating air. He struggles to get the food monkey off his back. As part of the Global War on Fat, his job is to put food terrorists in Fat Camp.

When a pizza dealer gets whacked in the park across the street from the Thin House, the Prophet Jones himself asks Frolick to investigate. For the first time ever, Frolick solves a murder–but what he finds out shakes his faith.

Will he ever be able to eat air again?

Political satire for fans of South Park and The Daily Show

Laugh and Chuckle Novels

by Michael Jones

This book is filled with Mike’s favorite chapters from six of his twelve novels. He believes you will be intrigued and enticed as you laugh at the funny chapters that are only one of many segments from his fact filled novels.


by David Belisle

Hayward Templeton, a psychiatry grad student at the University of Iowa, grudgingly agrees to pitch in a co-ed baseball game. A stickler for research, he discovers online how to throw a screwball and excels at it. Hayward’s team wins and while celebrating, they accidentally drop him on his head. As he lies on the ground unconscious, a few teammates discuss an upcoming psych quiz. Hayward unknowingly soaks it all in. When he comes to, he begins experiencing bizarre mental disorders — on his way to the big leagues as a screwball pitcher.

Screwball is as screwball does …

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