Free fantasy Kindle books for 18 Jul 18

Embers in the Ice: Prequel

by Jade Lawson

Two powerful beings linked by a shared anomaly, and a mystical yet dangerous bond. The Last hope of humankind.

Humans and Earth will be destroyed, and nothing can stop that imminent devastation, except â?¦ the embers in the ice.
Made from the ice of the Krasak and the fire of humans, Théoden is an abomination and a threat to his people, the Krasak.
Nevaeh and Paige are two seemingly normal nine-year-old sisters. But their mother, Alice, has a dark secret. When schoolteacher Mrs Meyers realises Nevaeh has powers beyond human comprehension, that secret gets harder and harder to keep.
As Nevaeh’s abilities continue evolving, Théoden leaves behind a trail of the dead on his hunt for the other ember in the ice.

Don’t miss the captivating prequel to this thrilling sci-fi romance series.

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