Free historical fiction Kindle books for 18 Jul 18

Darcy and Elizabeth: Mischief and Misunderstanding: A Humorous Pride and Prejudice Variation

by Cassandra Knightley

A stolen kiss at the Netherfield Ball sparks a merry war between Darcy and Elizabeth.
After unexpectedly inheriting both a title and the fine estate of Messina Grove, Lord Bennet and his family leave Longbourn forever to start a new life of nobility. And why should they not? Mr. Bingley and his party had quit Netherfield no more than a week earlier, leaving Jane quite publicly heartbroken, and Elizabeth secretly so.

But two years later, Lord and Lady Bennet receive a request from Lady Catherine De Bourgh asking if her Nephews and a small party would be welcome to stay at Messina Grove for a short duration.

Jane is very excited to have a second chance with the still unmarried Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth does not care what Darcy does because she does not care at all about him! In this week of mischief and games, true love will be reunited and discovered, but hearts will also be broken when jealousy and old hurts rise.

In this silly, clean variation, Cassandra Knightley knits together two of her favorite tales: Pride & Prejudice and Much Ado About Nothing. Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a seat on a comfy sofa, and be prepared to laugh and cry and swoon as Darcy and Elizabeth muddle their way towards true love.

Static Rain (St Clair Short Stories Book 1)

by Julius St. Clair

Through hardship and heartache, love and life, there has been one constant in her life – the rain. In this poetic narrative from author, Julius St. Clair, hope and learning to live again is the message as a young girl tells a tale that transcends the pain she has suffered.

This is a short story.

Jane and Bingley (Austen In Love Book 2)

by Jenni James

Eight months ago, Charles Bingley took off for New York and never told Jane Bennet why he was breaking up with her. Now he’s back, and she’s cautiously optimistic at the attention he’s been showing her. Could they actually have a chance at rekindling their relationship? She’s hopefulâ??until her sister Eliza’s wedding to Will Darcy, when Charles begins to show his true colors again.

Charles knows he’s nearly lost the love of his life, and he isn’t about to let that happen. With the help of his lovable grammy, he comes up with a plan to woo Jane and prove he’s in her life to stay.

Join Charles as he shares with Jane the true Twelve Days of Christmas, and see how with patience, a little imagination, and hope, he captures the heart of the woman who was meant to be his forever.

With Patience Wait (According to His Purpose Book 1)

by Donald Bowers

With Patience Wait is the first novel in a series of books by Donald Bowers, exploring multi universes and what happens when you change people’s lives, one soul at a time, According to His Purpose.

Follow the lives of Don, Luther, Sylvia, and others as they find their path in His will.

MARCADO PARA NO MORIR: Cuento basado en hechos reales (Spanish Edition)

by Orlando Fernandes

Un joven se alista en la Marina en el tiempo de la II Guerra y es convocado para embarcar para luchar en Europa. Pero antes de embarcarse es atacado por gripe epidémica, lo que impide su embarque.
Luego se da cuenta de que el barco en el que atravesaba el Atlántico es torpedeado por los alemanes.
Después de eso, él hace amistad con un compañero de otro Estado, a quien la madre fallece en los días en que sería su turno de embarcarse a Europa para luchar en la guerra. Pero una fatalidad cambiará la situación.

This Calling Master

by Steven Evans

After the job market deposits recent college graduate Michael into a city far from his friends, his social life, and his girlfriend, an old hobby resurfaces to help occupy his time in his solitude. A hobby he calls urban exploration â?? the breaking into derelict buildings so he can view a past life untouched by historical renovations.

Hesitant yet determined to break life’s ennui, Michael hastily explores a newly discovered abandoned mansion. But an unexpected snowfall forces him to stay overnight in the empty mansion.

Five men then arrive.

In the mansion Michael finds an illicit remedy to his humdrum life. With each passing day, he finds himself more and more drawn to it. It becomes the object of his fascination. But he knows what’s calling to him. Something different. Something he wishes not to acknowledge. Something deeper inside him.

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