Free horror Kindle books for 18 Jul 18



A DISTURBING HORROR STORY…Mike always doubted that something is wrong with his neighbors. They had a super weird boy too. One night, Mike was invited to dinner with them. Mike’s parents were out of town and his girlfriend broke up with him recently. Did he make a mistake by accepting the offer?

Beyond Spells

by Harmony Lawson

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Mercedes Weaver inherits an ancient book of spells. She is told it was written by angels and given a warning, as well. She fails to heed this warning about the consequences of using the spells in the book. After Mercedes invokes an angel named William, the unimaginable happensâ??she falls in love with him. The closer Mercedes and William become, the deeper the situation escalates, and everyone she’s ever loved will be put in danger.
It all comes down to an inconceivable choice. If she hadn’t risked everything, she wouldn’t have met William and their love wouldn’t have gone Beyond Spells.

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