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NEVER OUT OF REACH: How to live a Christ-centered life in this fast evolving world (Climbing Everest Book 1)

by Troy Emmanuel Li


“When Life is sweet, fun and easy, we tend to be complacent. When faced with trials and tragedies, do we face up? Or look the other way around? It is truly in those trying times when we feel God’s presence in our lives. Guiding us, steering us to the right direction. It’s always up to us whether we let God take control of the wheel, or do we maneuver it according to our own will. “

Teenagers and young adults nowadays have it all in their hands. Gadgets, financial freedom, peers and even the complexities of dating. Does it really help? Will it work to their advantage? Does it make them immune to depression? To vices? To bad influences? In a way, it makes them more vulnerable and exposed to pornography, drug addiction, premarital sex, teenage pregnancies, rejection and a lot more which could result to more failures in life later on.

This book is not just about young people crying for help and seeking salvation. This is about all of us. We may have had different experiences growing up, but most times, we’ve walked the same road. Many times we may have wished for someone to have guided us during those dark times.

Each chapter tells a story. Stories about depression, feeling of being unwanted and unloved, being lost in the wilderness, trying to fit in, from being a christian to taking the wrong path, finding hope in tragedy, seeking light in the midst of darkness and a lot more. After each story, there are helpful points to ponder.

This book is a guiding light for those people in need of guidance. For the youth and the young people of today, even the young professionals who may need encouragement every now and then.

Each of us, we have our own Everest to climb. The expedition includes obstacles and trials with life’s lessons along the way. Those trials though are needed for us to be able to build a strong relationship with God. If it were not for those bumps along the way, we wouldn’t be able to understand God’s faithfulness and presence in our lives. This series is all about that. Finding your way with God amidst the complexities of life.

Escaping Polygyny (Part Book 1)

by A’sista Storey

ESCAPING POLYGYNY is about one woman’s journey in a Polygynous marriage raw and uncut! The book goes into vivid detail The book highlights the life of the husband, the first, and second wife. It shows the battle between households and each other-physically and spiritually.

From There To Here (1)

by Michael Netherland

This is a book of poems that I wrote as a teenager. These are poems about being in love, how i viewed life, and also how I became passionate about death.

It illustrates the emotions that I felt as a teenager and as a young adult. When I read these again I reflect back on the who’s and the why’s that compelled me to write these. And as they may seem a little like Dr. Seuss it was the only way that I could convey my emotions.

I hope that you enjoy reading these and reflecting back on your younger years. And if you are a young adult yourself and you find yourself reading this, know that we as adults and parents have had similar thoughts and feelings that you might have. I hope that you just remember that how you feel now may not always be the same later in life. I look back on myself then and compare it to where I am now and I realize that the thoughts and feelings that I wrote shaped me to who I am today. Back then I didn’t ever think about where I would be now and I am proud of who I am today.

The #MEn2 Chronicles: A Staggering Timeline of Movements That Went Absolutely Nowhere!

by Lady Writemore

“Some people create their own storms, then complain about the rain.” This quote may sound a bit melodramatic, but it rings true–especially here where you will intrude on the lives of five “Bad Girls” throughout history and the “Good Guys” who adored them. You may be saying to yourself, “Man, this lady’s got way too much time on her hands. If so, I’m inclined to agree–In fact, she’s got five-eras worth on her hands! Adventures such as these take preparation for what’s coming ahead, so here’s a blueprint of sorts that will give you a heads-up on what you’re getting yourself into here: You’re about to embark on a journey of a lifetime (five lifetimes) as you make the acquaintances of five women from five completely different eras of time. As expected, these rambunctious warmongers are distinguishable for obvious reasons, but there’s one thing that fuses them together: Whether she’s on a desolate terrain in her bare feet with pebbles and sand between her soot-covered toes or whipping the “Nae Nae” in a pair of platinum and glass Stilettos in her favorite nightclub, they’re all standing at the brink of disaster and don’t realize that the grounds beneath their feet are about to give way! But you don’t have to worry about them. These gals are in no way damsels in distressâ??in fact, they are far from that! They all have left their marks throughout his-story: some quite literally. Unfortunately, we’ll have to settle for getting a second-hand look at things. The men who love them more than anyone got the first.
Thankfully, we’ll have the pleasure of meeting these guys who, of course, hail from five completely different eras of time. And as expected, these gentle-men are distinguishable for obvious reasons, also. But, just like the gals, there’s one thing that, strangely enough, creates a tight, brotherly bond between them: Whether he’s cranking up the old Victrola in his lavishly-decorated living room or blasting a humongous boombox on his bony shoulder at the country fair, they all worship the dangerous grounds their women walk on,…just to get walked on themselves….by the women they love.
But, there’s no need to agonize over them, either. These dedicated fellas do and say some crazy things in the name of love and for the sake of keeping the peace. But beware, they’re not as lovesick and feeble as they seem to be. In fact, they’re ticking time-bombs and the objects of their affection know exactly what buttons to push to make him….well, we’ll see soon enough.
Regarding the femms, these trailblazers are all running from the law: not the laws of man, but the laws of nature. They refuse to come to grips with the reality that we reap what we sow. Consequently, all five of these career criminals will be identified, apprehended and booked…literally. So, if swift justice is what you seek, be warned: You won’t find it here. Let’s start at the beginning…

Chronicle One: “The Bones She Picked”,: She couldn’t see the forest for the trees, but he could. And by the end of this rocky road, there will be no doubt as to where the term, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” finds its origin.

Chronicle Two: “The SUFFERage Movement”: Loose lips sink ships when someone’s misuse of the right to free speech leads to her making a mockery of herself and the brave trailblazers before her.

Chronicle Three: “The Sharp Shooter Who Missed It All”: Somebody’s gone AWOL in this hilarious, historical thriller that will leave you so shell-shocked you won’t know what hit you! She goes MIA as he becomes her POWâ??a decorated war hero who goes from cleaning latrines to being one.

Chronicle Four: “A Family. A Fare.”: Somebody’s gonna’ pay when she takes religious fanaticism and abusive, controlling behavior to a whole new level. But, that’s not the only thing she takes there.

Chronicle Five: “Technical Difficulties”This electrifying, drama will teach us what happens when you mix tech gadgets with mental issues and drugs.—a disaster.

Pokemon Drawing Book Step-by-Step: Learn How to Draw the Most Popular Characters from Pokemon with the Easy and Fun Guide

by Leonardo Ricci

Why teach your kid to draw? There are so many reasons. Not only is it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for a child, but it improves their skills. Many children assume that you can either draw or you can’t, but of course this isn’t true. All great artists start somewhere – by observing instructions and practicing. The idea of this book is to provide an easily accessible starting point.

Often, seeing an elaborate drawing is intimidating for kids. It is important to break down the process into smaller steps, so that they can learn that the finished product is made up of different elements. Through doing this, they understand that creating impressive art is a journey in itself. Like all skills, it doesn’t happen immediately.

However, with the right amount of practice and encouragement, your child will improve. It takes weeks, months or even years but the path will be exciting and rewarding for both you and your child. Who knows where it may lead? Maybe there is a budding painter, photographer or sculptor waiting to shine. The only way to find out is to allow them to express themselves and enjoy the process.

Use this book to encourage them, amuse them and most importantly let them explore the possibilities that learning to draw has to offer!

I Wish I Had Syndrome: How To Live A Life With MinimalRegrets

by Larisa Dickson

This book is for anyone that does not have a clear plan for reaching all of their goals

Your Penis is Small and I Hate Your Sports: My Hilarious Journey from Dating Purgatory to Single Motherhood by Choice

by Lexie Grey

Embark on one woman’s journey from dating purgatory to the life-changing decision to have a baby on her own. The author takes us on a twisty, careening trip past convention and on the path to finding true happiness as a single mother by choice. Witty, surprising, insightful, and such a must-read for any woman considering putting marriage on the back burner and focusing motherhood instead.

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