Free poetry Kindle books for 18 Jul 18

Now, To Be Somebody: And Latent Super Powers

by William Blacksmith

This book is my ode to life. Everyone has one! Poetry has the unique ability to tell stories in just a few short lines. That’s the beauty of it. When you read a book of poetry, you are actually reading short novellas. Mine, usually pertain to what’s happening at the time. Things I feel strongly about. So enjoy!

my world

by Ivan Danko

All my fealings I needed to express in my poem I want the world to say she can know what I think and want to share with him. I hope that im my 

collection of poems you wilol find interesting poems and I which you pleasant 


Losing: A Commentary

by Grace Payne

“Losing” is the commentary for my first published collection of poetry, “The Evolution of Loving You”. It breaks down all 24 poems from my book and explains the reasoning, the emotions, and the stories behind each of them. “Losing” is a vulnerable, soul-baring look at the events that fueled the poems I’ve published so far. Hopefully, you can relate to, learn from, or find encouragement in at least one of these stories.

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