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Minimalist: Bundle – 2 Manuscripts – Essentialism and Declutter – A Guide To a Curated Life and Simplifying Life for a Happier You

by Gary Posner

Eliminate tangible and intangible clutter to get the life you want by choosing habits and a mind-set that put value on your health, well-being, and an organized life.

Learn what causes clutter in the first place and take steps to declutter your home, emotions, and career. Step by step, you’ll find meaningful tools like how to:

  • Break cluttering habits
  • Create new, positive habits
  • Identify eight types of emotional clutter and how to overcome them
  • Organize digital clutter

Clearing away intangible clutter is every bit as important as eliminating physical clutter. Slowly begin to dump things that weigh you down, prioritize things that must get done and are important to you, and funnel your newfound extra energy into only the essentials.

You’ll be inspired to:

  • Do less but accomplish more
  • Prioritize tasks based on their importance in your life, and
  • Simplifyâ??and as a result, create depth in your life

Enchiridion (Best Navigation, Free AudioBook) (A to Z Classics)

by Epictetus

With A to Z Classics, discover or rediscover all the classics of literature.

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and â??in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook.
Although he was born into slavery and endured a permanent physical disability, Epictetus (ca. 50-ca. 130 AD) maintained that all people are free to control their lives and to live in harmony with nature. We will always be happy, he argued, if we learn to desire that things should be exactly as they are. After attaining his freedom, Epictetus spent his entire career teaching philosophy and advising a daily regimen of self-examination. His pupil Arrianus later collected and published the master’s lecture notes; the Enchiridion, or Manual, is a distillation of Epictetus’ teachings and an instructional manual for a tranquil life. Full of practical advice, this work offers guidelines for those seeking contentment as well as for those who have already made some progress in that direction

Prepper’s Survival Pantry: The Ultimate SHTF Preparedness Guide To Canning, Dehydrating And Emergency Water And Food Storage (Prepper Hacks, DIY Hacks, … Survival Needs, Hack It, Prepare Your,)

by Henry Hill

An Amazon Best Seller With Over 7900 Downloads

Do know what you’ll eat in the event of a disaster?

Prepper’s Survival Pantry presents the essential elements that you should consider in preparing yourself and your family for the eventuality of an unforeseen disaster. There are certain things that are necessary for humans to survive.
First, we need an adequate supply of clean water. This book will enable you determine the amount of water you will need to provide for you and your family. The quantity of water you need will depend on how severe the disaster is and how long it takes to get things back to normal. It will also depend on what sources of water that are accessible to you.

Secondly, we need an adequate supply of non-perishable food adapted to the individual needs of your family members. This book will walk you through how to compile your emergency readiness supplies and what to consider first for the short term. In addition, it will show you how you can build on the short term for a longer term supply. You will learn methods of preserving food so that it is still edible and nutritious in the future when you need it.

A major crisis always takes us by surprise, but we do not have to be unprepared. This book will provide you with peace of mind now, knowing that should something happen in the future, you have done what you can to ensure the well-being and safety of the people you love.

With This Book You Will…

  • Learn How To Plan For The Short, Medium & Long Term
  • Learn How To Efficiently And Safely Store Water
  • Learn How To Safely And Efficiently Store Food
  • Learn New Ways To Properly Manage Your Food And Water In The Event Of An Emergency
  • Learn 10 Simple And Delicious Recipes You Can Easily Prepare And Preserve
  • Learn How To Scavenge And Restock Your Supplies
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“No one can lead life without uncertainty. So, if anyone faces any uncertainty, he/she can take a look in the book about how can he/she prepare for the uncertainty. There are a lots of information on various diseases and how to cure disaster. It will give you some innovative but very useful idea which you can use in your personal life and can give a step to solve your problem properly”…………………………..Ruty Magidish

“Everyone should have a survival pantry. This book is very informative, very thorough and very useful.
A lot of information that I was not aware of. Recommend it to everyone. I feel there are no more words to describe this item.
Great that I’ve found this book. Everyone should have a copy of this book”………………………….Xela S

“I’ll be honest, almost every day after work I will go by the grocery store and buy whatever my family needs for supper that night. I really don’t know what I would do if that option were not available. I’m also pretty sure that I could not survive more than about a day with the food that I have on hand. This is something that we all need to really think about though: if I couldn’t buy what I needed, how could I survive? The book will show you how to prepare clean water, along with foods that you need to stock up on, to make a disaster survivable, even if it is not enjoyable”………………………….. Michael S

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Plato Six Pack 2 (Illustrated): The Republic, Timaeus, Critias, Meno and Essay: Volume 2

by Plato

Plato Six Pack 2 presents Plato’s most important work The Republic in its entirety, as well as three dialogues, Timaeus, Critias and Meno, an essay on Plato by Ralph Waldo Emerson and a biographical sketch of Plato by Elbert Hubbard.
Includes image gallery. 

How living in California is like being homeless

by Francis Lannan

Leftist politics has leached into every area of life in California. The accumulation of progressive regulations has mandated a lifestyle very similar to being homeless. Let’s review a few of these government-forced situations.

Plus a bonus regarding working in Silicon Valley for a technology company

Pop Culture Baby Names: 1940s

by Nancy Man

A unique history of the 1940s based on real â??40s baby names from Lash to Landis, Greer to Gehrig, and Bronwyn to Bambi.

Are you a trivia buff? A name nerd? A pop culture junkie?

POP CULTURE BABY NAMES: 1940s is a concise, one-of-a-kind reference that reveals the intriguing stories behind nearly 100 rare (but real!) baby names that all debuted in the U.S. during the 1940s.

For instance, did you know that the baby name Jade — which went on to become very popular, decades later — was essentially launched in America by a Katharine Hepburn movie in 1944?

The names in this book highlight all sorts of retro popular culture: movies, comic strips, music, literature, sports, radio soap operas, and more. They also represent snippets of history, from WWII headlines to local human interest stories.

Long hidden in the data, these names were unearthed by the blogger behind Nancy’s Baby Names, which has welcomed many millions of visitors since 2006.

This book is one of the quirkiest chronologies of the â??40s you’ll ever see, and it features facts about the decade that you just won’t find anywhere else.

DIY: Secret Hiding Places: 90 Places To, Hide What You Don’t Want Found! (SHTF Stockpile, SHTF Plan, Prepper’s Guide, Prepper’s Hacks, Self-Help Workbook, … Hack Book, Hack It, How To Hide Anything)

by Steve Plant

DIY Secret Hiding Places

Are You Looking For A Simpler, Safer And More Affordable Way To Store Your Valuables?
You can never be one hundred percent protected from thieves and intruders who want what you have. You may have the best security system on your home and live in a nice neighborhood but you are not immune from burglaries. Every month, thousands of people are the victim of burglaries and they lose valuable jewelry, precious keepsakes and important documents along with any money they may have had in their home at the time. Hiding things in your dresser drawer or under a mattress is never a good idea and often the first place thieves check. You need to think outside of the box.

This book will point out some very creative, unique places in your home where you can stash your valuables. These hiding places are very clever and it would take a very experienced thief with a lot of time on their hands to find all of your hiding spots. A wall safe is a great idea, but wouldn’t it be better if you could hide the safe altogether? Keeping the safe out of the hands of a thief is your ultimate goal. The most determined burglars will find a way to break into a safe.

Many of the 90 plus ideas in this book are ingenious and places you would never think to look for cash or expensive jewelry. That is the idea! You want to hide your items in plain sight. In places a burglar will see, but not suspect that old can of soup in the back of a pantry is actually a miniature safe. Get ready to explore your home as you test out some of these tried and true hiding places.

With This Fully Illustrated Book You Will…

  • Learn How To Create A Hollowed Out Book
  • Learn How To Hide Valuables In Power Outlets
  • Learn To Create A Picture Stash
  • Learn To Create A False Cabinet Back
  • Learn To Create A False Drawer Bottom
  • Learn How To Make A Hide A Key
  • Learn How To Hide Larger Items
  • Find Places To Hide A Safe
  • Learn Many Other Easy And Affordable Ways To Conceal Your Valuables
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“Very, very interesting! I thought I’d only see these hiding places in a movie. But yes, I could apply them too for real. My most fave secret place is the hollowed out book. I’ve got thick, old books in our storage room and I’m delighted that I could finally put them to purpose! Maybe it could become a nice jewelry secret box. I also got amazed with the dummy outlet that the Author suggested. This book is really amazing! Who would have thought you could use these ordinary, simple things to conceal anything valuable? Right now, I’m still in awe”…………….Andie F

“I found this book very informative. This book will point out some very creative, unique places in your home where you can stash your valuables. These hiding places are very clever and it would take a very experienced thief with a lot of time on their hands to find all of your hiding spots. It has so many insights and tips that you can follow. Well written and easy to read. Such a helpful guide! Highly recommended!”……………. Aileen Atrero

“I didn’t even imagine some of the things written here can be used to hide some things. They really looked so common it was hard to think that they can be used as hiding places! I had great fun reading this and am sure to try out some of these DIY hiding places soon! I’ll have to do it when no one’s home though, just to be sure that I get it right and make the hiding place available only to myself!”…………….Sandra Lupin

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