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Know Thyself: How Psychotherapy works and how it can improve your life in unforeseen ways

by Andrew Carley

Psychotherapy is a hard thing to understand if you never tried it before. I answer various questions in this book:

– Is it only about sex?
– Do only crazy people need to see a psychotherapist?
– Does it actually work? And what are the many other benefits that Woody Allen keeps talking about in his movies?

Most people have heard a lot about psychotherapy and formed a certain opinion – yet don’t know much about it. You probably know who Freud was, but don’t really grasp how the process of therapy works in real life and what it means to examine oneself in such a setting.

Most experts are not good at explaining therapy in understandable terms. They use incomprehensible words and and technical language – which makes what is in fact a highly emotional act, seem like a chemistry class.

I give you a personal, easy-to-understand understanding of what psychotherapy is and how the basic process works in real life.

Psychotherapy is much more than a medical treatment. I will show you how it can improve your life in many ways you would not have expected.

Pound Drop Weight Watchers Freestyle Cookbook: The Freestyle Program For Effective Fat Loss – Enjoy Healthy & Delicious Freestyle Meals

by Mark Antoni

Pound Drop Freestyle Cookbook

The Freestyle Program For Effective Fat Loss – Enjoy Healthy & Delicious Freestyle Meals

Itâ??s Not Just About Running: Reflections on Life and Change in Egypt

by A. I. Shoukry

Author A. I. Shoukry describes his running moments like a window with a sunrise view for a prisoner kept in solitary confinement. After witnessing a revolution in Egypt, running twice for the parliamentary elections, and being a former leader of two political parties, he decided to take a break from politics and start running. From being barely able to run 2k, he became a half-marathon runner aged 39.

However, this book isn’t just about running; it’s about a runner’s reflections on life, change, and the love of running in Egypt. It’s a memoir about self-discovery and searching for freedom and love of life. It’s about the integration of body, mind, and soul. It’s about family and friends, relationships, and work.

In this book, Shoukry explores the meanings of faith, pain, stress, fear, death, life, solitude, happiness, and passion. He has truly put his heart on paper.

If you’ve ever dreamed of runningâ??for your health, for your mind, for therapy, or even for parliament, this book is for you. Whether you’re a newbie runner, a seasoned pro, or have never donned a pair of running shoes but want to startâ??open this book and start running with Ahmed through Egypt.

Showing Around Tokyo’s Streets and Parks in Super Easy English

by Takuya Akaida

This book is a sister version of “Overview of Japan’s Four Seasons and their Festivals with Super Easy English.” Reading both is recommended.

This book shows you around Tokyo and explains about Japan’s cultural events such as kabuki and rakugo in very easy English. You can also enjoy beautiful pictures.

This book consists of the following three chapters:
Chapter 1: Take pleasant walks along the quaint new and old streets and tourist spots
Chapter 2: Explore Tokyo’s famous parks feeling their seasonal changes
Chapter 3: Enjoy Japan’s cultural events, amusements, cuisines and drinks

In Chapter 1, you can enjoy as many as 40 spots and streets with their beautiful pictures. The description includes not only what and how the spots are but also their origins or historical facts.
In Chapter 2, the book shows you 18 parks in and around the city of Tokyo. Including the parks in the suburban areas of Tokyo, you can visit them in less than one hour by train or car.
In Chapter 3, you would be convinced of Japan’s tradition and culture through the articles.

After reading this book, you would definitely like to visit Japan and Tokyo.

You can down load some mp3 files from the site below.

Haunted Hotel Rooms: Colorado Luxury & Paranormal Activity

by Sherri Granato

You just never know what secrets are hiding behind the exterior of what appears to be a nice hotel, so you would probably never guess that the Stanley Hotel was once used for the horror movie, “The Shining” or for filming the last part of, “Dumb and Dumber.”
The hotel’s popularity has drawn in many stars over the decades, whether it is to investigate the supernatural or just to get away from the stress of real people while relaxing in the comfort and beauty of the luxury hotel that offers a little more than just hospitality, you will easily find it at the Stanley Hotel……If ghosts, unexplained phenomena and serious paranormal activity are on your list of things to see, then the popular Brown Palace Hotel & Spa will suit your needs.

Essential Traveller Tips To Know BEFORE You Visit Iceland: Traveller etiquette to look like a local from the moment you step off the plane

by Jo Iles

Do you know someone who’s going to Iceland? Or perhaps you’re planning a trip and looking for a good place to start your research. Well, this is it!

This is a short guide like no other, in that it gives the traveller insider tips and tricks to help you stand out from the tourist crowd. Essential Traveller Tips To Know BEFORE You Visit Iceland provides a concise and easily digestible breakdown of traveller etiquette to help you get along seamlessly with the locals. From buying alcohol, to swimming pool protocol, and even which supermarkets to shop at, this guide tells you what to do and more importantly what not to do.

An essential for anyone thinking of visiting the Land of Fire and Ice.

The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Stories 16-20

by Ben Stevens


A Shinto river-dancer lies dead, stabbed through the heart. Her lover – a wealthy merchant – is quickly charged with her murder, a bloodstained knife having been found concealed on his property…

Yet Ennin is determined to prove this man’s innocence – in the face of almost overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

But just who, then, is the killer…?


A mysterious martial arts dojo – the ‘Hall in the Sea of Waving Pines’ – has become notorious for the sudden, inexplicable deaths of those young students it has previously expelled.

Ennin travels to the Hall in the Sea of Waving Pines to investigate – and there discovers a Chinese martial arts technique that is as ancient as it is deadly…


Ennin retells a classic Zen story from medieval Japan.


A powerful daimyo is sick with a mysterious illness, which leaves him deeply afraid of water.

Ennin is asked to try and discover just what this strange sickness is – and whether there is any connection with the daimyo’s recent, secretive trip to China…


One of Japan’s most famous swordsmen has been found dead – but no one can say how he died…

A genius musician has built an instrument that can be played by the rain…

There is no relation between these two facts, surely…

Amazon Reviews for ENNIN

‘The greatest of Japan’s detectives, Ennin, and of course his trustedservant and chronicler Kukai… Full of intrigue, action andexcitement… Great escapism…’ M. Dowden (UK), HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER

‘The Ennin Mysteries are an absolute delight…’ sshap

‘Stevens keeps on delivering… This is a great series…’ Abby Normal

‘Love it! Simply amazed by how good these short stories are!’ Edwina Callan

‘Intriguing and good to read… Set out in a very eastern myth fashion… Recommend them to all and sundry….’ Chris

‘I confess to being addicted to them for the depiction of medieval Japan,the characters and the enjoyable stories. I treasure each Ennin mysterythat I have…’ Postscripter

‘Five stars…’ Daphne Frampton

‘I especially like the sort of quiet and abiding love that exists betweenEnnin and Kukai, master and scribe. Also, there’s a kind of sweepingmajesty in the description of Japan…’ Lisa

‘Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones… Interesting to read about imperial Japan…’ AC

‘Thank you Ben Stevens for writing the Ennin Mysteries… I love thecharacters… My only complaint? I have read all the Ennin Mysteries – I want more…’ Momma Dahama

‘Amazing… An inspiration…’ Valentine Williams

‘Well-written… I’ve enjoyed many Ennin mysteries… Satisfying as always…’ S. Pearson

‘A FUN READ!’ Cowboy-not Wyoming

‘I love the different stories Ben Stevens comes up with… There is always a twist, and the solutions are imaginative…’ Jay Gold

‘I like the writer, I like the mysteries…’ Amazon Customer

‘Really enjoyable…’ Menarue

‘This excellent rendition of mystery, suspense and intrigue! I’m surprisedthese adventures haven’t been made into movies or a TV series! They arethat good!’ Arnold Mount

‘I was completely hooked by the Enninseries from the first story… Ben Stevens’s writing style is somewhatlike a Japanese room arrangement…’ AcerAcer

‘I can’t get enough of “The Ennin Mysteries”! Every story I read is soentertaining, I hate for it to end. I recommend this author to anyonewho likes “whodunnit” stories!’ Ruth Casey May

‘These stories are always so amazing… Look forward to more…’ Eileen Sedgwick

‘Ennin does it again… Well written, evocative of the era, and suitably mysterious…’ KD

‘Highly enjoyable… Stories are tight, punchy and uncluttered… Bravo, Mr. Stevens!’ Damien Omen III

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