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The basics of using Robinhood (The Road To Robinhood Riches Book 1)

by Robert Page

This ebook will show you all the basics of using robinhood stock trading app. From using the watchlist and search functions, to buy and sell orders, to when and how to use them. Market, limit, stop loss, and stop limit orders you’ll understand how, when, and why to use them after reading my ebook

Stock Market & Investing : Become An Intelligent Investor & Make Money in Stock Market Continuously- 3-In-1 Box Set (Series- Stock Market, Stock Trading, Investing)

by David Morales

Stock Market & Investing- 3-In-1 Box Set

Don’t waste your time, effort, labor, or tears you invested in your hard-earned money by putting it in a bank. Seriously. No joke. Don’t do it!

Why? One word: Inflation.

Inflation will eat up the value of your hard-earned dollars.

To beat inflation, one of the best things you can do with your money is to put it in the Stock Market.

Unfortunately, most newbie stock investors lose money with stock investing over first for quite some time until they figure out how the system works.

What if I tell you that even if you are a newbie investor, you can still make money in stock market. All you need is the right information with the right investing strategies.

Excited? Let’s dive deep into the bookâ?¦.

Book1: Stock Market Investing

This book enables you to turn your FEAR of losing money in the stock market into an AWARENESS of the tremendous opportunities available to you if you just use the right trading methods and strategies.

This book delivers on the following…

  • Understand the basics of stock market investing
  • Get a clear understanding of the different stock market investing and trading strategies you can use
  • Learn how to trade with CONFIDENCE regardless of whether the stock market is trending up or down
  • Learn how to make money if the stock you bought sinks or rises in value

These methods enable you to spot…

  • Stocks about to break out and go up in value
  • Stocks about to crash
  • Stocks with solid long term potential that buying them at any price NOW still means you bought them at a BARGAIN
  • Stocks you can continue to buy regardless of how much they sink or fall and STILL make money

Stop struggling, hoping and wishing that you’ll spot the NEXT breakout stock.

Book2: Stock Market Trading

This book will help you get the basic information you need so you make money in stock market from Day One. That’s right-Day One.

Whether you are a young person looking to aggressively grow your investment portfolio’s value or you’re an older individual looking to retire in a few years or someone in between, this book has the information you need to properly play with stock market investing so you don’t get burned.

This book will teach you the following:

  •   How is Money Made in the Stock Market?
  •   How Investors Pick Stocks to Trade?
  •   The Basics of Fundamental Investing
  •   The Basics of Technical Trading
  •   Identifying and Picking the Right Growth Stocks
  •   Identifying and Picking the Right Income Stocks
  •   Picking an Investing Strategy that Suits You
  •   How to Research Stocks?

Book3: Investing For Beginners

This book gives novice investors a clear view of why they should invest, how they should invest, different assets they can invest in, and simple strategies they can use to maximize the growth potential of their investment.

This book delivers on the following…

  • Understand Why You Need to Grow Your Money
  • Understand How Compound Growth Works When You Invest Your Money
  • How Investments Work in General
  • Before You Invest, Know Yourself
  • Don’t Let the Government Eat Up Your Investment
  • Quick Introduction to Asset Classes
  • Stock Market Investing: The What, Where, When, How, and Why
  • Investing in Real Estate, Bonds, Business Partnerships, Private Corporations, & Precious Metals
  • Investing Strategies

You worked hard for your savings. Don’t let inflation eat up your savings’ value. Start INVESTING Today and GROW your WEALTH forever.

The CALE Leadership Handbook

by Stuart Allen

The CALE Leadership Handbook (paperback, 2009) was written as an easy-to-read introduction to a number of relevant leadership topics that would be valuable to developing leaders at all levels of experience. The ISBN for the original paperback was 9780620436335.

The Seven Ages of the Leader by Warren G. Bennis
Lions of Leadership by Reuel J. Khoza
Servant Leadership by Kathleen Patterson
Personality and the Dark Side by Robert Hogan
Female Leadership: A Personal Journey by Jopie Van Rooyen

Leading Change by Gary Yukl and Richard Lepsinger
Strategic Thinking and Strategic Foresight by Bruce E. Winston
Organizational Development and Diagnosis by Dail Fields
Clarity and Alignment in the Organization by Phil Womersley
Leadership and Culture by Jan Van Rooyen

To Lead or to Manage? by Stuart Allen
Effective Leadership = Trust + Communication by Norm Mintle
Leading Transitional Change by Pete Williams
The Power of Everyday Mentoring by Chip R. Bell

Liberating the Leader Within by James Kouzes and Barry Posner
Using EI to Advance Leadership Potential by Sandra Kuter and Stuart Allen
Crafting a Path Toward Mastery by Morgan McCall
Life, Learning and Leadership by Richard Wilson
Time as a Currency of Leadership by Stuart Allen
Balance and Imbalance by Colinda Linde
Getting Over Yourself: The Strange Road to Humility by Richard Wilson and Stuart Allen

ETF & Indexfonds â?? Beste Rendite bei geringstem Risiko: Auch als Anfänger langfristig Vermögen aufbauen und finanziell frei werden mit Praxisanleitung (German Edition)

by Daniel KuÃ?

ETF & Indexfonds – Beste Rendite bei geringstem Risiko

Fragst du dich auch wie du dein Geld sicher und gut verzinst anlegen kannst ohne viel Aufwand?
Ich helfe dir dein Geld strategisch so anzulegen, dass du eine maximale Rendite erreichen kannst und trotzdem nur ein geringes Anlagerisiko hast. Das ganze schaffst du sicher und ohne groÃ?en Aufwand mit meinem Buch â??ETF & Indexfonds”.

Wenn du Geld anlegen oder ansparen möchtest, wirst du dir sicher die folgenden Fragen stellen:

  • Welche Anlageform ist sicher?
  • Wie kann ich hohe Renditen erzielen?
  • Wo bekomme ich am meisten für mein Geld?
  • Wie lautet der einfachste und erfolgreichste Weg zum Vermögensaufbau?
  • Wie kann ich das ohne groÃ?en Zeitaufwand umsetzen?

Dann ist mein Buch genau das richtige für dich, denn ich werde dir diese Fragen beantworten. Au�erdem kannst du zusätzlich folgendes vom Buch erwarten:

  • Praxisanleitung: Konkrete Umsetzung für Einmalanlagen
  • Praxisanleitung: Konkrete Umsetzung für Anlagen in Sparraten
  • Praxistipps zur Besteuerung
  • E-Mail Support bei Fragen
  • Garantierte Kostenersparnis und bessere Renditen gegenüber Bank- oder Anlageberatern

Ich bin mir sicher, dass dieses E-Book einen wirklich guten Mehrwert erzeugt. Ich habe mir viel Mühe gegeben es so kurz und einfach wie möglich zu halten, aber trotzdem die wichtigsten und notwendigen Informationen zu liefern. Dieses Buch erspart dir viele Kosten und Mühen. Es zeigt dir den entspanntesten und optimalen Weg zum erfolgreichen Vermögensaufbau!

Hole es dir jetzt für kurze Zeit noch zum Vorzugspreis von 3,99 �.

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