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The Inn

by Douglass Calmes

The Inn has a secret.
It is winter, the coldest remembered. But at the Inn, fires burn bright and food welcomes the hungry. For centuries the Inn has been the family business but when Bradon refuses to take over it causes a rift between father and son. With tensions mounting and the snow deepening outside, Neveah, wife, and mother, wrestles with a guilt she has carried for far too long. Still, kegs are tapped and while the patrons at the Inn slowly settle in, the tensions between the family mount.
But when an old woman arrives exhibiting a strange and powerful force over Bradon, urging on his baser instincts, the true horrors of the Inn begin. Told through multiple perspectives, The Inn is a fast-paced, edge of your seat fantasy thriller where what people say is not what they do and where violence waits behind every door.


by Sai Mecca

Sol is the epitome of Black Girl Magic.
After the murder of her parents in her hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina rocks Sol and her family to their core, she’s forced to dig and find the meaning behind it all. Even though she has to go back a couple of generations and untangle lies and search for the truth, she doesn’t want to, but her ancestors have different plans. All the while, Sol is forced to step into her family’s deep-rooted power, a power she’s not sure even wants.
Foolish is a story about magic, bloodlines, jealousy & all the drama that lies in between.

Walk off of the cliff with Sol on her Fool’s Journey..

Zombies From The Deep

by Nick Grey

Debut author Nick Grey blends the zombie humor of Shaun of the Dead with the satiric irreverence of Fight Club in his tantalizing and terrifying tale, ZOMBIES FROM THE DEEP.

They packed for the beach…

Mike and Sara Jones never missed their annual beach getaway. Every year, they looked forward to driving down to the Gulf and enjoying the white sandy beaches with those amazing sunsets. This year was no different than the rest. Swimsuits, check. Sunblock, check. Then, the zombies came.

They came from the ocean.

Out of the depths of the ocean, the walking dead arrived. There was blood in the water, but this ain’t no shark attack. When zombies paint the beach red, Mike and Sara’s annual getaway is interrupted. They panic. What would you do?

Survive at any cost.

Covered in blood and short on temper, Mike suggests they cut their vacation short. Sara’s not entirely sure Mike knows what he’s doing. But does anyone? Like most couples in a stressful situation, Mike and Sara soon resort to petty bickering.

Will they crack?

As if on cue, Jim and Teresa Banyon appear. They are smart, charismatic, and best of all rich. It’s easy to follow their lead. But Mike and Sara soon find that following Jim and Teresa risks their safety, their marriage, and even their sanity.

Readers be warned: Zombies From The Deep is a sexually explicit and graphically violent pulp fiction novel detailing the end of the world and survival during a zombie apocalypse.

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