Free philosophy Kindle books for 19 Jul 18

Bhagavada Geeta: Introduction to the Philosophy of Vedanta

by Ajay Shukla

There are thousands of books on Indian philosophy. Then why another one ?
The basic reason that compels me to write this book is that most of the books that I have read on Indian philosophy are so complicated that only a scholar can understand it. In fact, the erudite exponents of the philosophy have made their explanations even harder to grasp than the original texts of the ancient Indian scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavada Geeta. The ordinary man on the street feels that this philosophy is not for him, that it is meant only for sages and hermits. The truth is that Indian philosophy is rather simple and precisely meant for the ordinary man who is engaged in all worldly activities.
Thus, I have made this attempt to explain the Indian philosophy in as simple terms as possible.

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