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SEAL’d Perfection Book 1: A Navy SEAL Romance

by KB Winters

Jace Winslow is a decorated Navy SEAL with a bad boy edge that sent him into super stardom thanks to a syndicated reality show, Inked by Jace. With the lights of Hollywood come parties, drugs, and more women than Jace knows what to do with, but he’s ready to leave all that behind and settle down in a quiet town. At least, he thinks so…

Two years after a brutal divorce, Kat Ryan is making the best of her new life and focusing on being the best mom to her three year old son, Jax. She has her life on track, and even though she struggles to make ends meet, she is determined to build a brighter future for herself and her baby boy.

However, when Jace takes up residence across the street from the diner where she works, her concentration flies right out the window and makes her question everything she thinks she wantsâ??or needs.

Is there room in Kat’s broken heart to let in a new love?

Don’t miss SEAL’d Perfection, KB Winters’ first Military Romance!

SEAL’d Perfection is a five part sexy military bad-boy romance with a little bit of active duty and a whole lot of HEAT! Intended for readers 18+ due to Kindle-melting scenes and a filthy talking sailor who can melt your panties in thirty seconds or less! In fact…you should probably just leave them at the door!

The Reclusive Earl (Marriage by Fate Book 1)

by Ruth Ann Nordin

Titled gentlemen are supposed to be perfect. Whether it be good looks, charm, or eloquent speech, everyone expects an earl to be refined in every way. And if the earl isn’t, he risks being shamed by the Ton. No one knows this better than Landon Tait, the Earl of Farewell, who’s been on the receiving end of the Ton’s gossip since he first made his appearance in London.

After the last Season, he vowed to stay as far from London as possible. But when his brother lands into serious trouble, he has no choice but to come to his aid. He tells himself he’ll make it quick. Just one evening, and his brother will be free from trouble. Then he can return to his country estate to enjoy his life of solitude.

Miss Opal Beaufort is attending a ball when she overhears the snickers about a certain gentleman who was born with a lisp. Several ladies sneak to a private room to listen to him, and something in Opal snaps. She can’t stand the idea of someone being made the laughingstock of the Ton. But as soon as she intervenes on his behalf, a scandal ensues, and she finds herself unwittingly betrothed to him.

Now, Landon isn’t only forced to stay in London to face the ridicule of the Ton, but he also must deal with a beautiful wife who might find him as imperfect as he fears.

Don’t miss the books in this series!
Book 1: The Reclusive Earl
Book 2: Married In Haste
Book 3: Make Believe Bride
Book 4: The Perfect Duke

Just Motifs: 50+ Crochet Patterns (Tiger Road Crafts Book 13)

by Tara Cousins

Crocheting motifs can be addicting – once you start, you may never want to stop! From cute little flowers to large geometric patterns, motifs are a great way to use up that extra yarn in your stash. Make a set of fancy coasters for your home, add a detail to a bag or blanket, or hang on the wall for a pop of color.

The written pattern instructions included in this ebook are intended for the intermediate or advanced level crochet enthusiast (or a very ambitious beginner!) who has a good knowledge of the main crochet stitches and reading patterns. The patterns are also written in American terms.

Author Tara Cousins has a wide variety of published crochet patterns, in both print and digital form.

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