Free parenting and families Kindle books for 20 Jul 18

The Ultimate Video Gamer’s Handbook

by NvrL3t M3d0wN

Who this book is for?
Do you like playing video games?
Are you planning to buy a new gaming console or handheld system for yourself or for someone?
Are you the person who loves to buy a lot of games and finds his wallet or bank account empty most of the time? Are you wondering where to get the money to buy the next video game masterpiece that will be released this year?
Are you a hardcore gamer who wants to have a sense of control to all your video game buying spree and playing marathon?
Are you a parent, sibling, or a significant other of someone who plays video games? Are you concerned your loved one is wasting time and money in playing videogames? Would you like to give that person some pieces of advice but do not know what to say and how to convince the person?
If you are one of the people mentioned, then this book is for you. This book will save you a lot of money and will save you from regrets, stress, headaches, and sleepless nights in the future.

In this book, you will learn how to:
1.Decide whether to buy video games or not
2. Save money when buying games
3.Earn money from video games
4.Control video game-related spending
5.Limit your video-game playing time or of someone else
And more!

Children’s book: The Good Hour: A life-changing story for children and their parents with practical tips for better parenting

by Doron Erez

A little girl shares how lonely she feels when her daddy is busy on his cell phone.

We all love our children and devote ourselves to their care.

But sometimes our heads get stuck inside our phone which disconnects us from those we love the most.

In this story, the little girl and her daddy agree to have a “GOOD HOUR” – their own quality time without Daddy’s cell phone.

Read the book to see how this happens…

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