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Investing in big three: Real estate investing + Stock Market + Forex Trading

by Peter Flynn

Learn how to trade in both Real estate and stocks and forex trading with the help of this bundle start day trading

Hey, this is Peter Flynn author of these two books. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge regarding stock market trading, forex trading and also real estate investing in which I have published a best seller book on. People have gained a lot of real-world knowledge! when applied it has changed their lives giving them financial freedom. So if you’re in the market to learn real-world knowledge for day trading and make a living on that then don’t think! just buy the book now and change your life

Intermittent Fasting for Woman: Burn Fat in Less Than 30 Days With Serious Permanent Weight Loss in Very Simple, Healthy and Easy Scientific Way, Eat More … and Lose More Weight+Bonus + 10 Receipes

by Mia Light



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The practice of intermittent fasting has been around for countless centuries and used for nearly as many different purposes.


However, the reason that most people have heard about the practice these days is thanks to its proven ability to help those who practice it lose weight and keep it off in the long-term while at the same time feeling more energized than they have in years.


The best part?


Getting into the intermittent fasting lifestyle doesn’t require you to give up the foods you love or even eat fewer calories per meal!


In fact, the most commonly used type of intermittent fasting makes it possible for those who practice it to skip breakfast before eating two meals later in the day. This type of lifestyle change is ideal for those who find themselves having trouble sticking with a stricter diet plan as it doesn’t take much of a change to start seeing serious results, as opposed to being forced to change everything all at once.


If you like what you’ve heard so far, then Intermittent Fasting for Women: Burn Fat in Less Than 30 Days with Serious Permanent Weight Loss in Very Simple, Healthy and Easy Scientific Way, Eat More Food and Lose More Weight is the book you have been waiting for.


Inside you will find:



    • Health concerns that women need to keep in mind to practice intermittent fasting successfully.


    • Why you should lose no more than 0.5 Kg per week.


    • Guides for several types of intermittent fasting specifically tailored to help women find success


    • Tips for adding exercise to an intermittent fasting plan without losing yourself to hunger


    • Easy ways to make the transition to an intermittent fasting lifestyle as easy as possible


  • And moreâ?¦


Excel Formulas And Functions: Cool Tips and Tricks With Formulas in Excel

by Sima Alex

Excel Formulas And Functions

Cool Tips and Tricks With Formulas in Excel

Microsoft Excel, developed by Microsoft, is a spreadsheet that can run on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and a microprogramming language known as the Visual Basic for Applications, thereby enabling it to perform complex calculations and data analysis through the usage of formulas and functions. Excel has a wide range of applications being popularly used in public finance offices, or any office dealing with accounting. The use of Excel formulas, functions, tools and various operations not only cut the time used in performing data analyses, but also creates outputs, i.e. information that can easily be understood, more dynamic and engaging to stakeholders. This book uses simple understandable language to explore the formula and functions that are useful for computing and managing data.
By reading this book, you will learn about mathematical functions, statistical functions, conditional calculations and lookup tables with added cool tricks to enhance your workability.

The Keto Meal Prep: The Complete Guide To Weight Loss, Save Time And Eat Healthier With Keto Diet

by Amanda Kane

Keto meal prep is the perfect cookbook for weight loss

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