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How to be a good wife: good wife book (good wife guide 1)

by Hope Scott

EvеrÑ? man wants a gооd wifе. In turn, mаnÑ? will often аdviÑ?е a nеw bridе tо bе a good wifе tо hеr new huÑ?bаnd. Whаt does this mеаn, еxасtlÑ?? Whаt аrе thе makings оf a good оr Ñ?еrfесt wife?

PlеаÑ?е , dо аlwаÑ?Ñ? remember that thеrе is nо mаn thаt iÑ? perfect, nо nоt еvеn оnе! LаdiеÑ?, if Ñ?оu happen tо Ñ?ее оnе, Good luck!
Sо, whо then iÑ? a gооd husband? What mаkеÑ? a mаn a mаrriаgе tÑ?Ñ?е husband huÑ?bаnd?

this book will answer all these questions.

Children’s book: Rescuing Daddy: father and son relationships, facts of life for children and parents

by Doron Erez

As parents, we love our children deeply, but to provide for them and the family we must work long hours, often returning home late.

By the time Jamie’s father returns from his job, Jamie is fast asleep. But he has a vibrant imagination, and knows that his father loves him very much.

He decides that his father doesn’t willingly stay late at work.

That can only mean there’s a monster that doesn’t let his Daddy come back on time. So he sets off to rescue his father from the monster.

After reading this book, every child profits from more time with her or his parents.

And you, dear parents, will also come out of this experience with a clear profit!

Trump Train Off-Track: Donald Trump Destroying Freedom of the Press, â??Men With Tired Eyesâ? New Journalism Essays Point to Silicon Valley Playing Trumpâ??s â??Big Brotherâ?

by Dave Masko

Trump Train Off-Track, by Dave Masko. As of the end of March 2018, Robert Mueller’s evidence against this fake-president looks damning; while Republican leaders are playing in dumb in hope that their power continues so as to reward the top 1% even more after offering crumbs to the working class after rushing their tax overhaul into law. The GOP tax bill hurts the poor; while rewarding Wall Street. In contrast, the role of an American president or father is all about keeping the family on the right track by being honest; while a father or president believes that those who want respect must also give respect. This is not the case with Donald Trump pretending to be a father-figure president wanting the best for the lives of all Americans. “The Trump train is off-track” is the view of many seniors here in the Pacific Northwest who is sick at heart about “that old rich man in the White House being such a bad influence.” “Trump is not the typical American president because he’s just another New York City con-man who, judging by this words, tweets and actions is dangerous for our country, dangerous for the world and has Watergate damning evidence that makes this 71-year-old not only out of touch with citizenry because Trump is too consumed by conflicts he creates to be any sort of president or even a father heading a family,” says retired high school teacher Archie Mifsud of Newport, Oregon. The teacher then reflected on Watergate crimes that led to Republican President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s resignation in 1974. In the wake of Trump firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on March 13, 2018, there is hope that Tillerson will turn state’s evidence and cooperate with Congress when Special Counsel Robert Mueller thinks it’s “Miller Time/Mueller Time” for America and eases all our worried minds when serving notice that Trump must be removed from the White House. “Trump being impeached is not if, but when this evil man who called neo-Nazis “very fine people” after the infamous white nationalist murder and rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last August. This special “new journalism” report features essays that explain “Why” the Trump train is off-track and why this crazy man’s evil acts derail American democracy and values at every turn because when a train engine or the father of a family goes wrong, all that follow get hurt. “At the end of the day, the ability to trust our president is just like me trusting my father,” adds Mifsud and other deeply upset senior citizens here out West. The real fear is judging by a year of Trump lies and deceptions, there can be no doubt that America is in the midst of a serious political crisis with an unpredictable outcome that will only hurt American values and democracy even more than today’s too low for zero rating of Trump as any sort of human being let alone a father-figure for all Americans. As for why most Americans do not know about the evil doings of Trump as president, the racist Alt-Right and Trump backed Sinclair Broadcast Group controls the TV, radio and print news that some 80 percent of US households rely on for their daily “real” news feed. Sinclair and Fox News are just two examples of why most newsrooms in American no longer report unbiased Trump-friendly news because the Republican view today in 2018 is the American public no longer has a right to know.

1000 Miles, 3 People, 2 Bikes (Adventures for the Ordinary)

by Nicholina O’Donnell

1000 Miles, 3 People, 2 Bikes is the story of a regular family going on an adventure. Nicholina tells the story of her husband, her 11-year-old and herself as they bike 1000 miles around Oregon on a self-supporting bike trip. Working with a limited budget, the three peddle, camp, laugh, cry, and eat their way down the coast, to Crater Lake National Park and attempt to get back home to Portland.

Relationship Bible!: Get Better at Your Relationship Learning Every Aspect Here!



Attract your baby: Attract pure joy in your life

by Amol Patil

This book is full of actionable techniques which are tested and have bought results to a number of our friends. The book is based on principles of ‘The Secret’ book and serves as a constant companion to focus on and achieve a single goal in your life. Your ideal baby. If you are planning baby for quite some time but not getting results, this book is for you. If you can not keep negative thoughts away from you while getting treatment from a doctor for a baby, this book is for you.

This book is not for the people who does not believe in ‘The Secret’ book principles, even though there are countless stories on the secret site. If you still believe the law of attraction does not work then this book is not for you.

Having a baby in your life brings completeness to your family. Having gone through a failure myself and seen countless people on this journey who are desperate to have a baby, I have tried techniques from ‘The Secret’ Book and have found some actionable techniques that we have tested with other people.
I have made every attempt to make is concise and to the point book.
Click on buy now button, Implement the techniques and see the result yourself.

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