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CALLEJUELAS: Ni olvido ni perdón (Spanish Edition)

by Alfonso Pavón Benítez

Ciudad de San Fernando. Corrían los primeros días del verano de 1928 cuando Antonio, un niño de ocho años de la calle del Carmen, en el humilde barrio de Las Callejuelas, encontraba su primer trabajo de hormiguilla en una salina. Era una época muy complicada en la que desde muy joven había que ayudar a la economía familiar. En esa ciudad gaditana conoció a María, una niña de la alta sociedad isleña, con la que poco a poco fue forjando una hermosa amistad que terminó por conquistarlo.

La historia está ambientada en una época convulsa entre la II República y la dictadura militar que acaeció tras el golpe de Estado. Una aventura que no le dejará indiferente, donde la intriga y la tragedia se mezclan con el amor de estos dos jóvenes.

Universal Soldier: Battle Scene #5 (Battle Scenes)

by Kali Altsoba

What happens to a young poet who goes to war for all the wrong reasons? Can his sensibility survive? Can he hold onto himself and find what he seeks, or was all that great literature he learned before the war and aspired to an illusion and a sham?

A sample chapter from Rikugun, Vol. VI in the Orion War series. Includes a long war poem by Yuki Hoth, private in Rikugun 400th Infantry Division, recovered from his possessions on Amasia. Vetted and published under the title “Universal Solider” by Alliance military intelligence. Intended to serve as a measure of morale in Rikugun ranks in the fifth year of the Orion War.

Battle Scenes are extracted combat action from the series Orion War,sold as discrete and inexpensive readings. Do not purchase if youalready own the books.

Terror on Arrival: An Apoalyptic Science Fiction Novel

by Kyle Robertson

How on Earth do You Stop the Unstoppable?

Before the Earth had formed any complex life, a planet called Valan-Cheanus was a beautiful planet with a relentless plague destroying it. An indigenous creature called the Chauzek. It was a silicone based, amphibian-like, morphing adapter that was the planet’s garbage disposal. It ate everything. The main defense for the creature was its imperiousness, and razor like silicone teeth.

The alpha species, the Cheasu didn’t kill, they banished. They caught the insidious creatures and banished them billions of light-years away. They were sent to an uninhabited Earth and put in suspended animation.

In the present, Lieutenant Jayde Farrow, a United States Air Force Aqua-Horticulrtist had to investigate a reef in Central America. She had to retrieve a Russian Spetsnaz bodyguard to accompany her. Her job was to find out what happened to the reef. What actually happened to the reef was the Chauzek woke up.

This is a harrowing adventure about how, not just the U.S. military, but a Russian special forces soldier had to work together to try to defeat what can’t be defeated. Along with the help of a French scientist, and an alien from Valen-Cheanus, they had to find a way to stop the unstoppable.

In this action alien sci-fi adventure you get…

  • An African-American female ultra-intelligent scientist
  • A tough as nails hardcore Spetsnaz soldier
  • A compassionate alien sent to assist
  • An indestructable daunting destroyer inherently built to consume all
  • An unexpected romance
  • The entire military working against impossible odds
  • How can the undefeatable? Find out in Terror on Arrival: An Apocalyptic Science Ficyion Novel

    God’s Hand

    by Samuel Driscoll

    Crow was adopted by the Church at a young age. For many years Crow had been contemplating the best way to spread the word of God, unfortunately, his views differed greatly from those who raised him.
    A story of revolution, glory, and sacrifice.

    Blue Dawn

    by K J MENUHIN

    ‘James Bond meets Downton Abbey’
    Fighter ace and SIS spy in the Great War, Blue Munro is haunted by events and the fate of the enigmatic Isabella Neumeyer. At the war’s end, he’s heading for a new life in the United States. In 1924 he returns to Britain from New York to bury his mother, but a mysterious murder forces a change of plan, and old friends emerge and draw him into a new war, a war in the shadows, where Dictators are gathering like wolves to tear apart democracies. Stalin, Hitler and Churchill all have parts to play, but Blue Munro and Edward Ansty are the SIS spies whose lives are always on the front line.

    â??You are wondering why you are not lying outside in the snow with a bullet in your skull?’ Von Hoffman began, â??But you are gentlemen, are you not? Lord Edward William Augustus, eighth Lord of Ansty.’ He nodded, stood up and made a formal half bow. â??And the Honourable Gordon Alexander Nikolai Munro.’ He bowed to Blue and sat down again. â??Your friends call you Blue do they not?’ Hoffman spoke with a smile and more than a touch of arrogance.

    â??You can call me Munro,’ Blue replied coldly.

    Zone Zero

    by John Robb

    The threat of nuclear war is imminent…

    In the afternoon of July 8th the Western powers were due to explode a Hydrogen Bomb in a remote area of Southern Algeriaâ??code named Zone Zero. The zone, of course, had to be evacuated.

    Fort Ney was the smallest and loneliest Legion outpost in the zone, commanded by a young lieutenant who had stolen fifty thousand francs because of a worthless woman. Here too was the English legionnaire, tortured with the thought that he was a coward; and a little Greek who had within him the spark of greatness. It had always been a peaceful placeâ??until the twelve travellers arrived. Then, with the time for the explosion drawing nearer, the outwitted garrison faced the uttermost limit of horrorâ?¦

    Zone Zero is a powerful techno-thriller. Perfect for fans of Joe Buff.

    John Robb was born as Norman Robson in 1917 in Northumberland, England. Aged nineteen, he became a journalist, working on the Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express. After war service in the army and as a correspondent, Robb joined The Star in Sheffield. Writing as John Robb, he became a prominent novelist. His first two novels in 1951 were Space Beam and No Time For Corpses. He went on to write the successful Legion novels, based as they were on his own experiences. One of his best Legion novels, Punitive Action (1953) was filmed by United Artists as Desert Sand in 1955. He would write dozens more books under various pen names. He died on 18th June 1993.

    The Intergalactic Greed: the one who did not want to be a millionaire (APOCALYPSE Book 1)

    by Mario Ulises Ramos Chiguil

    In a dystopian future, molded by its decadent economy, the United States loses the status of a world power. Become an indebted country, scarce of natural resources and overexploited, the North American lands are abandoned with vividness by its immigrant population and great bastedad of “minorities”. Drastically impoverished their pockets and multi-ethnic culture, the desolate people lose interest in being politically correct. His infamous love for guns and his radical organizations place that country at the center of the radar of his former enemies, now empowered and anxious for a pretext to break the peace.

    Government conspiracies, attacks orchestrated by extremist dogmas, bloody crusades and the dismantling of the nation that once came to be proclaimed “world leader” are the stigmas suffered by civilization in this apocalyptic odyssey.

    Bringing us the approach of an invading soldier, the author lands us in the fierce conflict through the writings of Richard Berlusconi, his protagonist on the side of the Ricca Italia, who tells his progeny the supernatural causes of the multinational incursion into the country of the bars and stars, as well as the horrors suffered in the battlefield.

    The United States would fall, it was inevitable; with the dismemberment, its darkest secrets would be unveiled, taking humanity with it in this third great war.

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