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SHTF Stockpile: The Ultimate, Disaster Preparedness, And, Survival Essentials, Guide, (Preppers Survival Basics, Prepare Your, Survival Preparedness, Preppers, … for penni, Survival Gear, Survival Needs)

by Ron Johnson

Prepper’s SHTF Stockpile

You know it is important that you start building up a stockpile of goods that will sustain you should disaster ever strike and send the world reeling. Natural disaster, financial uncertainty, civil unrest and acts of terrorism are just some of the thing that threaten to turn the world as we know it upside down. We never know what tomorrow holds. With so many possible scenarios, it is a good idea to prepare for anything and everything.

Stockpiling food, water, survival gear and basic medical supplies gives you the best shot of living through a catastrophe. Many disasters over the years have claimed the lives of thousands of people. In many cases, it wasn’t the actual disaster that killed people, it was the aftermath and utter lack of preparation. Clean water, food and blankets were scarce and people died or succumbed to their injuries because of a lack of supplies. Don’t become one of the tragic losses.

This book aims to help you come up with a survival plan that will help you live through a disaster by relying on the stockpile of goods you have stashed away. It isn’t just a bunch of food and water you need to survive. You also need some basic knowledge about finding and building a shelter should you have to escape your home. There are many facets to surviving a catastrophe. You will find many survival books focus only on food and water, but don’t take into the possibility you may have to flee your stockpile and leave it all behind. This book will cover every eventuality and help you prepare for sheltering in place or fleeing and heading for the hills. Don’t put off planning for your survival another day. Start making your plans with the help of this book.

In this fully illustrated book you will;

  • Learn The Basics Of Disaster Survival
  • Learn How To Ensure You Have Enough Food In The Event Of A Disaster
  • Learn How Ensure You Have Enough Water In The Event Of A Disaster
  • Learn About Obtaining Shelter And Other Important Essentials
  • Learn About Assembling The Ultimate First Aid Kit
  • Learn How To Deal With Pets In A Disaster Situation
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“The information in this book is helpful and really gets you to thinking about being better prepared for natural disasters. I found this book to be a good check list for items you need to always have on hand that will be needed in any situation. Not only do you get a list of many things but you also get an explanation on why you need them. I read some of the items and wondered why I would need them until I read further and the information made sense. Great Guide!”……………. E.C

“I was very please upon reading this book. This book goes over the essentials you need in a survival situation. Food,clothing, shelter, water. It helps to be prepared. Even if I am never in this situation it gave me peace of mind knowing what me and my family need to do should that situation ever arise. This book goes over medical, money and optical items as well”…………….Yukie Davidson

“It’s best to always be ready. It doesn’t mean that you are hoping or expecting a disaster to happen but just in case anything really does happen, you are ready to face it and minimize the casualty that it can possible bring. This book gives us tips and strategies on how to prepare to survive. It covers what to food and how much water to stock, ensuring shelter, assembling the first aid kit and dealing with pets during a disastrous situation. Thumbs up for this book!”…………….Daphne Hann

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Read This Book To Ensure You Have What You Need To Survive An Emergency!

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Instagram Famous Teespring Marketing: How to Post Amazing Images and Become Someone Who Gets Paid Big Money as an Instagram Influencer Teespring Marketer

by James Lucas

Are you interested in learning how to make fast cash online through Instagram even without having a business or marketing experience?

Do you want a business that you can run anywhere and anytime? Do you crave that “freedom lifestyle” that everyone seems to dream about? Then this is your chance to start earning money from home without investing lots of initial capital.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover inside this book:

– The 5 step process of going from clueless to a full pledge internet marketing freedom lifestyle business owner.

– How to find topics that are really killing it right now!

– Example of market research and why I did what I did (this is gold!).

– The 7 types of content that you should create with examples of each .

– The 2 apps I use for all image + text editing that I do. The 3 apps I use for editing an image and making it “Instagram worthy”.

– 2 ways to hire a tshirt designer and when to use either of the two.

– 7 best practices for setting up your product listing that will double your profits pretty fast.

– How to do an Instagram Promotion without sounding or looking like you’re trying to push your products to your audience. There a right way to do it and there a wrong way to do it. Follow my example and do it the right way from the very beginning.

ARE YOU AN ACTION TAKER? ARE YOU SERIOUS IN EARNING MONEY ONLINE? Then this book is your straight to the point, no non-sense guide to earning money while working from home.

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Rebrand Your Mentality : Rebrand Miniseries

by Omar Jones

Rebrand your Mentality is a series of stories comprised of corporations and individuals on the road to success. Omar Jones provides a glimpse into his personal life and how he was able to reconstruct his brand’s DNA. This rebrand propelled him into a life that some would find unimaginable coming from the ghettos of Southside Chicago. This ebook provides insight into progressive corporations and those that chose not to rebrand which could ultimately lead to a company’s demise. As individuals it is important to understand our brand and how it impacts our day to day life. This ebook sheds light on the importance of building a strong brand and how it is never to late to rebrand your mentality.

Bitcoin Guru: A beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency investing (cryptocurrency basics)

by Stefano Esposito

This book is a step by step guide for those who are starting to get interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. By reading it you will learn:

– How to create a cryptocurrency wallet
– How to buy your first Bitcoins
– How to open an account on an Exchange platform
– How to trade Bitcoins with other Cryptocurrencies
– How to cash out and turn Crypto into Fiat currency

We will not make too many preambles but, after a short introduction, we will dive straight into the practice of buying Bitcoins, exchange them with other Cryptocurrencies and eventually reconvert these Crypto into Fiat money.

After the tutorial regarding the trading of Cryptocurrencies you will find sections about the dangers related to cryptocurrencies world such as Ponzi schemes and Pump and Dump groups, and we will also go through the most common psychological attitudes that can act as an obstacle to the Trader.

Bitcoin is the most widespread cryptocurrency in the world, created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym that many consider hiding a group of subjects who gave life to this currency. The main feature is the absence of a central authority that monitors, controls, influences and determines the circulation of this virtual currency. The system on which it is based is peer To peer, the same used for the exchange of files between users all over the world.

Unlike most traditional currencies, Bitcoin does not use a Central network or sophisticated financial mechanisms and its value is solely given by supply and demand. To trace transactions, Bitcoin uses a database distributed among the nodes of the network, so it is a peer to peer and uses cryptography to manage functional aspects such as the generation of new money and the attribution of property. The Bitcoin network allows the anonymous possession and transfer of coins, the data necessary to use their own Bitcoins can be saved on their computers or electronic devices in the form of a digital wallet or they can be maintained by third parties that perform a function similar to that of a bank.

Bitcoins can be transferred over the internet to anyone with a Bitcoin address, also called a wallet. The decentralized structure of the Bitcoin network and therefore the lack of a central body makes it impossible for any authority, any government, the blocking of transfers, the seizure of Bitcoins without the possession of the related private keys, or even the devaluation due to the entry of new currency.

In order to stop using the same coin twice its creator Satoshi Nakamoto has developed a server-based opening time marking system that assigns sequential identifiers to each of the transactions that are then strengthened against change attempts using the idea of a chain of proof-of-work that is of successive confirmations.

Each time a transaction is made, this part from the unconfirmed state will only be confirmed when it is verified through a collectively managed time stamp list of all known transactions, the chain of blocks or blockchain.

So… It’s a real revolution!

Despite its incredible volatility, Bitcoin can be considered an asset, and there are even those who define it as a new asset-haven just like gold!

If you are reading these words it means that you are definitely interested in investing in this field.
So let’s roll up our sleeves and let’s embark on this journey!

Happy trading!

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