Free history Kindle books for 22 Jul 18

Spiritual Warfare: Complete 3-Part Memoir Series (While On The Cross I Carried You Book 2)

by Steven Brown

Spiritual Warfare: The Unseen Battle For Your Soul!

Follow Steven K. Brown’s 3 Part Memoir chronicling his journey to find true salvation through Jesus Christ.

Steven K. Brown’s direction in life completely changes after an amazing supernatural experience, in the basement of his parents home. This experience then leads Steven on a 5-year journey to finding true salvation through Jesus Christ. On this journey, Steven initially finds peace/salvation in the church, but after a few heartbreaking life experiences, he leaves everything behind to join a religious cult, that offered “true” peace. A mistake that would almost cost him his life and salvation.

“While On The Cross I Carried You” is a powerful story about God’s love and how far He will stretch His hand to save a soul. This story also recognizes the need to remain humble and faithful to God’s Word and commandments.

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