Free horror Kindle books for 22 Jul 18

Horror Short Story: His Dirty Little Secret: A Very Short and Disturbing Horror Read (Disturbed Horror Short Stories Book 1)

by RC Patterson

He waits in his car for a little girl to leave her school. He waits for her every day. There’s something he keeps in his glove compartment. He can’t show anyone. It’s sick. It’s disgusting. And it makes him smile.

**This is a short story that contains graphic and disturbing content. Readers beware.

Since the Sirens: Zombie’s 1st Bite Edition: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Books 1-3

by E.E. Isherwood

Dive into the apocalypse with an unlikely trio of characters

Teen Liam is forced to spend the summer with his great-grandmother, but that’s the least of his problems once zombies go forth and multiply. He heads out the door with his enigmatic caretaker and embarks on a journey to rejoin his family. Liam uses lessons drawn from all the zombie books he’s read, but nothing could prepare him for the sacrifices he’ll be forced to make as society crumbles around him.

Once Liam, Grandma Marty, and fellow teen Victoria get together, they begin a unique journey that will take them across the dying city, the burning suburbs, and into the zombie-filled lair of the agents behind the plague. Along the way they’ll find there are many kinds of zombies, survivors with no clue what comes next, and enemies with an eye on the oldest surviving woman in the regionâ??a certain great-grandmother who may have an inside track on the cure.

Since the Sirens: Zombie’s 1st Bite Edition contains the first three books in the series. Over 800 pages of content.

  • Since the Sirens
  • Siren Songs
  • Stop the Sirens

Praise for Since the Sirens:

“Love this series. Can’t wait to read more! A truly unique take on end of the world themes.”

“This was the first book where after I finished reading it, I went on Facebook and started following the author and even messaged the author.”

“Echoes of King’s “The Stand” vaguely coming through but in no way ripping off any story lines.”

“Not a big fan of zombie books, but the author is such a good storyteller I got sucked right into it.”

“From “Slow Burn” to “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”, this novel sets a mood of action, distinct imagery and likable characters.”

Collectively, all six books combine to over 400 4+ star ratings on Amazon. Here are some reviews from book 6 (not included in this set), so you know this isn’t a trap!

“I can’t wait until the next book comes out I’m obsessed with this series! This was the best one yet.”

“Loved this series!!!!! If you are a fan of end of the world as we know it scenarios, buy this! Can’t wait for more of his books!!!”

“OMG! You have got to be kidding me! I have to wait for the next book? I might go crazy waiting for the next one!”

ALSO AVAILABLE: Since the Sirens: Zombie’s 2nd Bite Edition, featuring books 4-6.


by Penelope Fletcher

After a car accident, Ebenezer Royale’s extravagant lifestyle crashes to a halt. When Boudicca Cane wanders into the wrong place at the right time, the pair strike up an odd friendship that blossoms into love. Their relationship isn’t conventional, bonkers at times, but it works. When they pause their sexy time to come up for air, they discover the Cane and Royale families are struggling to adjust. Boudicca’s adoptive father doesn’t like change, Ebenezer’s brothers lust after or despise her, and his parents suspect her of being a golddigger.

As life takes a turn for the better, odd, inexplicable things happen, all leading back to the woman of Ebenezer’s dreams. Black animals circle the house, a mysterious stranger stalks their reflections in the mirror, and apples float by an unseen force. Eben and Bo believe getting their families to rub along is the only thing standing in the way of everlasting happiness, but a powerful force has turned its evil eye on the mismatched couple.

Between food fights, curses, and Shakespearian verses, will Boudicca and Ebenezer get their crazy ever after?

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