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Wicca Spells: Practical Guide For All Kinds Of Spells

by Mrs Margaret Marjorie

Practical Guide For All Kinds Of Spells:

This guide helps to tutor one about the kinds of spells and their uses. It also gives an overview on how magic works practically. Practice makes perfect.

  • Begin study/reading.
  • Take notes, re-read, research. Start forming and following questions.
  • Begin a regular meditation regime.
  • Begin working/experimenting with energy.
  • Start practicing spells.
  • Find your Witchcraft “niche” (herbal magic, candle magic, crystal magic, etc.).
  • Learn to adapt spells and write your own.
  • Keep reading and practicingâ?? it never stops

    Mrs Margaret Marjorie will give you:

  • an outline of what you want to achieve.
  • keep strategizing and gives an avenue for a change.
  • avenue to practise what you’ve lent so far.
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    Body In The Woods: A Small Town Mystery (Snow Ridge Mysteries Book 5)

    by Emma Lee

    Join Bonnie Mayberry on her final, mysterious adventure!

    Just when life is returning to what Bonnie considers her “new normal”, she receives a call from an old friend in need. Never one to turn down a request for help, she soon finds herself in a small Georgia town that has her feeling like she’s stepped back in time. But there’s little time to reminisce.

    With the help of her best friend, Sarah, and a strong, stolid local lawman, she falls into a case concerning an abandoned baby, a missing mother andâ?¦murder! And this one has her questioning everything she thought she knew about herselfâ?¦

    Find out what happens in Body In The Woods, the final story in the “Snow Ridge Mysteries” series, written by Emma Lee and published by Amazon bestselling author, Nancy McGovern.

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    Wiccan: Magical Guide, Witchcraft, Past, Present, Future, Rituals, Beliefs, And Magic

    by Mrs Margaret Marjorie

    Humans have always been dazzled by staring at the marvellous night-sky.
    Observing the miracle of creation makes us feel unique yet also part of something (much) bigger. Magical guide for witchcraft in the past, present, future, rituals, beliefs and magic in the time past has been one important and unique characteristics to performing magic and rituals.

    At the dawning of the third millennium, a belief in the reality and efficacy of witchcraft and magic is no longer an integral component of mainstream Western culture. When misfortune strikes at us, our family or a close neighbour, we do not automatically seek to locate the source of all our ills and ailments in the operation of occult forces, nor scour the local community for the elderly woman who maliciously harnessed them and so bewitched us.

    Nor do we believe that knowledge, love or power can be ours for the taking if only we employ the correct rites, charms or incantations to bring them within our grasp. Despite the interest in the modern pagan movement, the figures of the witch and the magician are conspicuously absent from the national stage and remain, for most people at least, simply the stuff of storybooks, firmly relegated in the popular consciousness to the realm of the late-night movie and the pages of fantastic fiction.

    However, this has not always been so; and even now in parts of the non-Western world, where technology has failed to achieve total dominance over the traditional rhythms of agrarian life or to guarantee material prosperity and social justice, beliefs in witches and sorcerers are still firmly retained which bear significant and striking similarities to those held by Europeans throughout the early modern period.

    Mrs Margaret Marjoie explains you in this book:

  • Introduction to the God/ Goddess
  • Wiccan ritual and Wiccan holidays
  • Elements, Crystals and Herbs
  • The coven ande their way of life, How to Start
  • Few writers today would be inclined to echo the views of such rationalist historians as Hansen and Lea, who regarded the beliefs of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century people in witchcraft as wholly irrational superstitions, and thundered with moral indignation against the cruelty and credulity of witch hunters and judges. ‘There are no pages of human history more filled with horror than those which record the witch-madness of three centuries, from the fifteenth to the eighteenth’, wrote Lea in his early ground-breaking study of the trials, while Russell Hope Robbins thought that the prosecutions represented nothing less than a ‘shocking nightmare, the foulest crime and deepest shame of modern civilization, the blackout of everything that … reasoning man has ever upheld’.

    what you will learn thanks to Mrs Margaret Marjorie

  • Make magic more realistic
  • Teach one excellently about the uses, rules and advantages of magic
  • Restore peace and harmony
  • what you will find in the books of the other authors

  • Fairy tale
  • Ghost in the shell
  • Death note
  • Elf queens and holy friars
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    Law of Attraction: Short, To the Point and Getting What You Want ( How to Properly Use the Law of Attraction)

    by Leora Zairi

    Manifest What You Want Now!

    Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? Do you believe that life has so much more to offer, but it lies just outside your grasp?

    If you do, then this book is for you.

    This short book will teach you step-by-no fluff-step how to operate the law of attraction successfully. The information is practical, inviting, lenient, friendly and insightful. This approach has worked for many to attract the good they deserve, and it will work for you too, if you let it.

    Channel your desires into reality with simple actions.

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    Wicca Spells: Step By Step Guide To The Magical Moon Rituals

    by Mrs Margaret Marjorie

    Let just arm ourselves with few things we’ll have to know about the moon

    New Moon:
    The new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. This is the time to start fresh, set intentions, create and renew. The new moon means the moon is invisible, a blank canvas. The sky is dark, and thus full of potential. A great time to get clear on what you desire and to invite new opportunity into your life.

    First Quarter/Waxing Moon:
    Now the moon is half illuminated and half shadowed. This is the time to take action, to do the work necessary to foster the intentions you’ve set during the new moon. This is a time of strength, hard work, dedication and unwavering energy. A good time to launch new projects, implement healthy habits and push yourself to do the challenging work required to actualize your dreams.

    Full Moon:
    The moon is fully illuminated. Her light shines down upon us from sunset to sunrise. This is the time for manifestation. Our energy and power are the most strong around the full moon. This is a time to dream big. Anything is possible. A great time to connect with higher powers and spirit guides. Also a great time to connect with others in your community. This is the culmination of all the work that has come before. Emotions are heightened during the full moon, so be gentle with yourself.

    Last Quarter/Waning Moon:
    The waning moon is all about releasing. Letting go of what no longer serves you, cleansing, breaking free of toxic habits and relationships. This is the time to make space for what you want to call in on the approaching new moon. A great time to go inward, for solitude, introspection and meditation. Also a potent time for forgiveness of self and others.

    I typically gather with other women around the new and/or full moon. For the waxing and waning moons, I usually create my own ritual at home. This includes creating an altar space, doing the work outlined in my Many Moons book and drawing a three-card tarot spread as follows.

    1.) Take several moments to ground your energy and center yourself. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. When you feel ready, shuffle the deck using your dominant hand. While shuffling think about the energy of the moon in its current phase and what this time means for you in your current life. Cut the deck into three piles then using your dominant hand move the piles back into one.

    2.) Ask yourself in silence or out load, “What does this _____ moon have to offer me?” Draw one card and place it face down in front of you.

    3.) You can shuffle the deck between picking cards or not. Next, ask yourself, “What do I need most during this time?” Draw one card and place it face down in front of you.

    4.) You can shuffle the deck between picking cards or not. Next, ask yourself, “What is the work I must focus on during this time to move closer to manifesting my dreams and desires?” Draw one card and place it face down in front of you.

    5.) Turn the cards over one by one. Take several moments to notice the cards. How do they make you feel? What are your initial reactions? Do you notice any patterns in the cards you have drawn? As you go through your reading, take notes that you can refer back to at a later date.

    Mrs Margaret Marjorie will help you:

  • She helps you know the routines involved in carrying out moon magic.
  • She helps gets you interested in moon magic.
  • She gives you an overview of how powerful the moon can be when its power is being harness.
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    Powerful Prayer: Powerful Prayers that will Bring You Closer to God and Jesus Christ (Prayer, Bible Study, Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Bedtime Prayers, … Beginners, Christian books, Prayer Guide)

    by Emma Evans

    Reach out to God and Jesus by learning how to pray

    A powerful book full of inspiring scripts and prayers

    This book Powerful Prayer contains truths from the Bible that teaches us about prayer. It aims to help us understand the true source of that power and how it works in our lives. You will learn how to pray the way Jesus originally taught us and be able to access the power of prayer that God gave. Understanding these truths will help you pray powerful prayers.

    This book also contains verses that hold the promises of God for His children, which was made available to us through Jesus. You will also find examples of prayers that will help you start living a more prayerful life.

    There is power in praying. We often hear this from people whom we ask for advice during hard times; or we say it to ourselves whenever the situation seems hopeless and prayer is all that is left to do. It is meant to encourage. But how does it work? Do we receive power through praying or gain control over the situation? How do we move mountains?

    The power of prayer is simply this: the power of God made available to us through Jesus. The power comes from Him who hears and answers our prayers.

    Prayer allows us to see that He is the one who works things out and that He fulfills the promises that He has for us. Prayer is a way for us to experience His power and miracles.

    In this book you will learn about:

    • The power of prayer
    • The purpose of the cross
    • Grace and prayer
    • Faith and prayer
    • God’s promises and prayer
    • Simple prayers
    • Meditation
    • And much more!

    Learn to how pray today! Download NOW

    Tags: Prayer, Powerful Prayer, Learning to Pray, Pray to God, Pray to Jesus, The power in prayer, Christians, Faith, Bible Study

    Holy Spear of Magus: The covenant will be fulfilled (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series Book 4)

    by Toni Pike


    Jotham and Madena Fletcher remain dedicated to finding the Simonian Sect. They leave their baby daughter at home and travel to Krakow in Poland to investigate a theology professor known as the Guardian of the Spear. Meanwhile, a mysterious Hungarian arrives at the hilltop monastery of Saint Dimitrios in Greece in search of an ancient relic that is rumoured to be buried there.

    When a large Pentecostal Church in San Diego is crippled by a cyberattack, Jotham heads there with young computer genius, Eugene Beaudreau, to find out if the sect is responsible. They meet Pastor Silas Conrad and his strange family who are all obsessed with the Holy Spear and its curative powers.

    When two monks arrive from the ruthless Brotherhood led by Father Dominic, Jotham is catapulted into a desperate struggle to track down the Holy Spear and stop it falling into the wrong hands. He races to Europe – but his enemies are more diabolical than he could possibly imagine.

    FEATURING: a fast-paced and gripping plot, cybercrime, a mysterious object, murder and an ending that you won’t see coming.

    Don’t miss this action-packed thriller!

    There are three other books in this series – enjoy Jotham Fletcher’s continuing story.
    Book 1: THE MAGUS COVENANT – The secret that will change the world
    Book 2: THE ROCK OF MAGUS – Code Red in the Vatican
    Book 3: THE MAGUS EPIPHANY – Ancient treasures and a new revelation

    Just 1

    by David Webb

    The Path of Righteousness. The true essence of Christianity? Missed by many? Hidden through the ages? Come and find out for yourself the simplicity of this truth.

    Cómo derribar gigantes según la Biblia.: Basado en los cinco gigantes que cayeron bajo el poder del rey David (Spanish Edition)

    by Gonzalo Sanabria

    �ste libro está basado en las victorias que alcanzó David sobre los gigantes filisteos. Primero derrotó al gigante Goliat, y luego a través de sus valientes soldados venció a cuatro gigantes más. Lecciones de sumo valor para nuestra vida actual, pues cada uno de nosotros enfrenta diversos obstáculos y adversidades en el camino de la fe.

    El libro recoge no sólo el proceso de aquellas victorias, sino el significado de los nombres involucrados, tanto de los personajes como de los lugares, por ejemplo uno de los gigantes se llamaba “Isbi-benob” nombre que significa: El que produce agotamiento. Fue precisamente esa su estrategia y la Biblia nos dice que David estuvo a punto de morir, pero finalmente el gigante fue derrotado.

    Hallaras grandes lecciones de vida, sumamente útiles no solo para ti, sino para aquellos que te rodean y para enseñar en grupos e iglesias.

    Sin duda la mejor manera de enfrentar un gigante es creyendo con certeza que Dios es más grande que él. Este aspecto nos recuerda que la fe obedece a Dios, aunque el camino tenga gigantes y los muros a derribar sean altos y fuertes, pues no se trata de la fuerza del creyente sino del poder de Dios operando en su hijo.

    Aquí encontrarás los siguientes temas:

    David derrota a Goliat, el primer gigante.
    La caída del gigante Sipai.
    Derribando a Lahmi, el gigante de la ruina.
    ¿Cómo cayó el cuarto gigante?
    El quinto gigante: Isbi-benob (su estrategia es el agotamiento)
    ¿Cómo superar los obstáculos?

    Esperamos que puedas leer éste libro y sea de bendición para ti, para los tuyos y para todos aquellos que te rodean.

    Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.

    4 Ways To Stay Married In Christ: Christ & Marriage

    by Blake Jimerson

    Four proven ways to help your marriage become stronger in no time, God gave us the road map for staying happy so lets put it to play. We have to let Christ enter our hearts so we may heal our relationships ,this book will help any believer of Jesus Christ find their way to happiness

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