Free sports Kindle books for 22 Jul 18

How Bodybuilders REALLY train?: 75 Workout routines: From 3-day to 7-day splits!

by Tom Kendall

Want to look like a bodybuilder? Train like a bodybuilder! In this book you will find 75 bodybuilding workout routines. No fluff, just the real stuff!
I was tired of searching the web for various workout routines and being told to just do bench, squat and dead-lift or workout routines that are not tailored to the needs of the bodybuilder. I did a lot of interviews with various bodybuilders and asked them if they are willing to share their workouts. This is how this book was born.
I found out that most bodybuilders use 5-day splits. But it does`t matter. Are you going to work out 3 days a week? Pick a 3-day split and do it for a few months. If your gains stall or you need to change things up, pick another 3 days split and do it for a few months then repeat the process. None of the bodybuilders I talked with does the same routine for years. You have to change things regularly if you want to progress. What also work well is doing low frequency – high volume routines for a few months, than going to high frequency – medium to high volume and back to low frequency…
It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro, if you use performance enhancing drugs or if you are a “natty”. You should train the same way. Do not listen to lab coat scientists preaching routines that never work in the real world. Copy what successful bodybuilders do in the real world. If you want to look like a bodybuilder and have balanced, symmetrical physique you have to train like bodybuilders do.

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