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Healing The Wounded Child Within : A Guide to Healing the Pain of Abuse

by Randy Boyd

Finally! A male survivor speaks out about male childhood sexual abuse. Randy offers survivors and their families answers to their questions of why victims act out the way they do, and strategies to start living with greater purpose and happiness.

Unlike books based on academic theories and abstract philosophies, Randy Boyd talks candidly about what it takes for men, women and their families to heal from the pain of childhood sexual abuse. Randy tells his story in a way that the lay-person can absolutely relate to. He talks candidly about the effects of male sexual abuse such as low self-esteem, low self-worth, self-doubt, sexual problems, un-forgiveness, anger and rage. He talks about the direct correlation between sexual abuse and drug and alcohol addiction, as well as his drive to be successful in life at all cost as a way of proofing his worth as a man. With contributions from Jerry Moe, Dan Griffin, Dr. Allen Berger, John Lee and Dr. Mic Hunter, Healing the Man Within is a well balanced book between an autobiography and a self-help book

Blindfolds and Pitchforks: Don’t Be a Child Molester’s Flying Monkey (Become Educated About Child Sexual Abuse Book 1)

by Stacy Coulter

Child sexual abuse is a major health epidemic in the world, with one in four girls and one in five boys becoming victims of sexual assault before turning 18. One of the most common and disturbing aspects of this crime is that, if victims do find the courage to disclose their abuse, they are often blamed, shamed, shunned and punished for telling. It’s time to start standing behind victims of this crime and making sure that child molesters face the punishments that fit this heinous crime.
People like to believe that child sexual abuse does not affect them personally or that they do not know any victims or perpetrators. It feels safe to believe that they would detect someone capable of molesting and raping children. But the fact is, approximately 90% of victims are abused by somebody known and trusted by or within the family. Shattering the myths about these crimes and speaking out is the key to changing the daunting statistics surrounding child sexual abuse.
Blindfolds and Pitchforks details the story of my emotionally abusive partner who molested my daughter over a period of years and the subsequent re-victimization that we experienced as a result of turning him in. Our story is not rare; it is the norm.

Survivors of Child Predators: your stories in your own words (Become Educated about Pedophiles Book 2)

by Stacy Coulter

My previous book, “Blindfolds and Pitchforks” details my story about discovering that my emotionally abusive partner was also a child molester. Those events prompted me to create a Facebook page entitled Become Educated about Pedophiles. Through the page, many other victims and survivors of child predators have exchanged messages with me and posted their personal experiences. By sharing what happened to them and revealing countless commonalities that all survivors of child predators endure, they helped countless others. This book is full of their own words, sharing what they endured along with my personal insights.

An emotional treasure

by Kanak Mishra

This journey has had an humongous impact on me and my family.Therefore, I admire it as an experience which was worth sharing.

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