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The King’s Elite: & The Fargaible Prophecies

by J. Elliott Kay

The Syndicate, a mysterious thieves guild, makes a desperate attempt to assassinate the king who had nearly destroyed them. After surviving their attack, King Alderman calls upon his most talented soldiers, academicians and spies to bolster his guard and hunt down the Syndicate. However, the assassin had previously served the king, leaving Alderman with doubts as to who he could trust. To ensure the loyalty of his newly organized Elite, King Alderman orders that each man have his future revealed. To the horror of all, the enlightenment of the unknown conjures more questions than answers in a disastrous wake of chaos.

Promise: A Redemption Series Prologue

by T.K. Leigh

He was supposed to be my first kiss. My first love. My first everything…

There are moments in our lives that define us.

For Brooklyn Tanner, it’s the summer before her junior year of high school. The summer boys finally begin to notice her. The summer he finally begins to notice her.

Andrew Brinks. Handsome. Popular. Star hockey player.

Her best friend’s brother.

For one summer, she’s happy, carefree, and convinced she’ll finally experience what she’s been dreaming about for years…her first kiss.

But just like everything else in her life, it comes at a price she may not be ready to pay.

One he may not be ready to pay, either.

Savages and Side bitches: 1-4

by Karizma Keys

Best friends Tookie and Melonia have reached an age of maturity and it’s time to start making real decisions about life and love. Although they seem to be on different paths, the one thing they have in common is the knack for searching for love in all the wrong places. Melonia has been with the same guy for the past two years, and although they’ve been through trials, she always felt that he truly loved her. But when a crazy stalker comes out of nowhere, it leads to confusion and a ton of unanswered questions. As her life gets turned upside down she is awakened to the fact that the man she’s really been wanting had been right there for the taking all along.
Tookie has been the “it” girl since fifteen years old when she linked up with a well-known hustler named Face from the other side of town. Knowing what comes with the life, she accepted a lot of Face’s ways, but when she is hit with the ultimate disrespect back to back, it becomes too much to bear. Join these girls on a wild ride through the streets of Detroit as they make a few stops at Drama Street, Murder Ave, and Infidelity Road. Will Melonia have the guts to go after what she wants no matter what she has to give up in order to get it? Will Tookie find the strength to leave or will she stay and suffocate at the mercy of side chicks?

Hidden Gabriel: Formerly Winter Peril (A Frosted Game of Hearts Book 1)

by Victoria Pinder

I’m trapped. I won’t get out of this house until the snow melts on this mountain. And I never thought broody was sexy until I met Gabriel.

Erica Mira heads to an isolated factory in the depth of winter where a a storm destroys her car. She fights her way to chalet up the mountain in snow so deep she might die.

But despite mysterious occurrences in the mysterious chalet with strange cries and noises that influences her actions, she becomes intrigued with her host and only other person the imposing home, the broody, wealthy mysterious Gabriel Murphy. 

His dark moods and the strange occurrences in the house lead her to discover a terrible secret that he had hoped to hide from her forever. Erica will need all her courage, love and smarts to triumph and let her win a happily-ever-after.

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This USA Today Bestselling Author includes an all new dazzling romance and with tons of family drama! Fans of Victoria Holt, Daphne Du Marier, Kerry Barrett, and Nora Roberts will adore this series.

While this story is a standalone novel that belongs to A Frosted Game of Hearts, there are mentions of the Marshall Family Saga, the Hawke Fortune, the House of Morgan, Brothers in Revenge and even Princes of Avce characters and storylines are all intertwined in the same world.

“Broody guy meets less than perfect girl, but together they “save” each otherâ?¦” Teresa, Goodreads reviewer


I loved the twists and turns in this story.” – Marlene Chevillet Cianna, Good Reads Reviewers

“â?¦was pleasantly surprised to find that it was filled to the brim with suspense…in addition to steamâ?¦ -Ana Omasta Goodreads reviewer

Twists and turns but you won’t figure them all out until the end” – Michelle Ferrari-Johnson, Goodreads reviewer 

It was mysterious. I couldn’t put it down waiting to find out what happened..” – Dawn, Goodreads reviewer

Great set up where you cannot leave the house because of the stormâ?¦” -Georgiana, Goodreads reviewer

If you enjoy sexy and surprise filled family drama in your romance, you’ll love these thrilling stories that will ” Had me hooked.” BookGeekUK

Hearts on Fire (St. Caroline Series Book 2)

by Julia Gabriel

“Julia Gabriel does an amazing job with this devastatingly heartbreaking love story.” â?? RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, Top Pick

Return to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Julia Gabriel’s new series about love, family, and second chances … The 300-year-old town of St. Caroline, Maryland, is part fishing village and part summer playground for the wealthy and powerful. Meet the Trevor womenâ??Michelle, Becca, Charlotte, Natalie, Cassidy and Laurenâ??and their popular quilt shop, Quilt Therapy. Across town, the men of the Wolfe family have been the backbone of the St. Caroline fire department for generationsâ??and Tim, Jack, Matt and Oliver are continuing the tradition.

The girl who couldn’t get anything right â?¦

No good deed goes unpunished. That pretty much summed up Becca Trevor’s life. Help out a woman being harassed in a barâ??and get fired? Check. Come home for parents’ anniversary partyâ??and cause her mother’s quilt shop to burst into flames? Check again. Help a geeky classmate and family friend lose his virginity before collegeâ??and get pregnant? Check check check.

The boy who could do no wrong …

Jack Wolfe was the golden boy of St. Caroline. Smart, Ivy League-educated, law school-bound. He has a nice, steady job as an attorney with a hotshot tech company in California â?¦ well no, scratch that. The thought of spending his life in an office pushing paper filled him with such existential dread that he dropped out of law school a year ago without telling anyone. He’d much rather follow his father and brothers into the family businessâ??firefighting. But he’s also the namesake of his uncle Jack, who was killed in the line of duty. It would kill Jack’s mother to see her youngest child join the fire department, too â?¦ and she’s dying already.

And a secret that will change their lives forever â?¦

The last thing Jack Wolfe needed was a baby. All those Ivy League dreams would go right down the drainâ??and Becca knew she would get blamed for it. So seven years ago she left town without a word, had the baby by herself, and arranged for the adoption. She never intended to see Jack Wolfe again. But now they’re both back in St. Caroline and falling into a friendship â?¦ maybe even more. Becca always planned to keep their baby a secret forever. But now that secret needs her and Becca can’t say noâ??and can’t keep the news of their daughter from Jack any longer. Can their budding love survive the revelation that they are already a family?

Can the biggest mistake of their lives be the best thing that ever happened to them?

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