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The Dalai Camel: A Bizarre Tale of UnBEARable Bliss & Bewilderment

by C. E. Rachlin

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why are we here? If there is a loving and compassionate God, why would he create a world wrought of suffering, chaos, and negativity? Have you been looking for someone to explain why life sucks, but haven’t found anybody with the wisdom to help? Well, try a 500-year-old, enlightened camel-man. No, seriously. Kind of.

The Dalai Camel is unlike any spiritual master you’ve ever met. Born to a camel, our intrepid hero spent many lifetimes exploring the world, from a peasant village of Medieval France to the wilds of Pre-Columbian Brazil; from a treacherous ocean voyage on a wooden carving of a boat, all the way to a luxury hotel in glamorous modern-day Manhattan.

In a series of wonderfully warped vignettes, the Dalai Camel has adventures and misadventures as he treks across the globe in search of the attainment of Supreme Enlightenment, sharing his incisive wit and wisdom as he navigates pitfalls and pinnacles along the way.

Join Sri Camel on his bizarre and bewildering journey, along with his spiritual leader, The Goat Master; his thirteen disciples; his adopted son Ugavinny; his long-lost brother Nicholas, who accidentally chiseled off the nose of the Great Sphinx; his sister-in-law Ms. Mittens, who parades around in very little besides her mittens; and the Holy One and People magazine enthusiast the Dalai Lama himself, in this delightfully madcap and irreverent story of reverence that puts the odd back in odyssey

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Placenta Praevia: Chronicles of Baby Cait

by Lyn Lopez

To any mother, particularly first timers, who feel utterly inept and overwhelmed, and for those who are uncertain of what to expect post pregnancy, this story is for you. It is a short mildly satirical (largely true) story riddled with humor on the challenges of adjusting to first time motherhood. It is a comical uncut truth about raising a baby. A must read for the uninitiated expecting parent.

Max und Mama: Max und Mama meistern das Chaos (German Edition)

by Dörte Müller

(Die Mutter liest den Aufsatz ihres Sohnes, der in der zweiten Klasse ist. Thema: Meine Osterferien)

“maine osterverin waren sön ich bin Bai Omaundopa gewäsn. Wier sint fiel schpatzierengegang und haben ein Aichörnchen gesehn.”

(Die Mutter ist entsetzt.)

“Aber Mäxchen, wie schreibst du denn? Das ist ja voller Fehler!”

“Unsere Lehrerin hat gesagt, wir sollen schreiben, wie wir wollen, Hauptsache, wir sind grativ!”

“Hauptsache, ihr seid kreativ, hat sie bestimmt gemeint. Aber das geht doch nicht, so kann man doch nicht schreiben!”

“Aber wir schreiben alle so!”

“Das ist ja furchtbar! Ich verbessere dir deinen Aufsatz! Hol mir mal den roten Stift aus der Schublade!”

(Max springt auf und reiÃ?t der Mutter das Heft weg.)

“Nein, du darfst das nicht verbessern. Das soll so bleiben!”

“Aber warum denn?”

“Unsere Lehrerin hat gesagt, dass wir sonst die Lust am Schreiben verlieren!”

On the Road with Sean of the South

by Sean Dietrich

A collection of short stories by Sean Dietrich, a writer, humorist, and novelist, known for his commentary on life in the American South. His humor, columns, and short stories appear in various publications throughout the Southeast.

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