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memes : fortnite funny and epic memes: (comedy & joke book)

by meme creator

Fortnite is the game of the moment! Everyone is playing it!

This collection of Fortnite memes and other memes will have you laughing like never before!

Great for all fans of Fortnite and fans of memes!

King Matt the First : A Classic Kids’ Book written by Janusz Korczak , Teaching Empathy, Dealing with Difficulties, and the Values of Peace

by Itzchak Belfer

Young Matt learns that it’s not easy to be king, but his innate abilities take him far!

Matt was just ten years old when he had to ascend the throne and become king after his father’s death. He discovered that being a king is not as much fun as one might think, with many restrictions that prevented him from being like other children, finding friends, and just playing.

When three kings declare war on his kingdom, he decides to fight them and, although not an adult and perhaps because of this, he manages to make peace using his good nature and human compassion.

King Matt shows us just how right Janusz Korczak was to believe in children!

King Matt the First was originally written by Dr. Janusz Korczak, whose educational doctrine was belief in the power of children, as reflected in King Matt’s thoughts and deeds. Artist Itzchak Belfer adapted and illustrated it to suit young children and to expose them to one of the most beloved works of 20th century literature.

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SECRET PRINCE: Curse of the Black Hawk

by Bob Shirley

“They will be coming for him too,” the grandfather said, his voice breaking, “once they learn he was not in the car.”

High school junior Curt McClain is unaware that his family was murdered in a little country in Europe on his fourth birthday. For twelve years he and his godparents have lived under false identities in a small town in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Now on his sixteenth birthday a stranger snaps his picture on the school lawn. After school two men stalk him and his friend Amy on their hike in the woods.
Have they finally found him? What must he do to survive as he learns his destiny?

Join Curt as he struggles on his journey, sometimes with humor, sometimes with grief, but always with courage.

Mundo Místico: La última especie (Spanish Edition)

by Geasul Oropeza

Una pirata que logra meterse siempre en problemas,
Un caballero que desea la mano de una bella princesa,
Un joven con un gran secreto que será también su gran talento,
Un dragón que ama más a los humanos que a su propia especie,
El mundo en el que se encuentran corre gran peligro.
Deben unirse para derrotar la oscuridad.
Yo creé este mundo para ti, ayúdame a conseguir que haya paz en Mística.

Busy Kids, Happy Kids: Four books in one! for homeschool, scouts, parents

by Deb Graham

Four books by Deb Graham in one setâ??everything you need to inspire a young one in cooking, science, and crafts is in your hand. If you’re a parent, teacher, homeschooler, scout leader, or love a child in any capacity, grab these interactive books for ages 5-18. Fun, educational, and endlessly creative, using materials and ingredients found at home, crafts are nice enough for gifts and foods. Not just for outdoors, recipes are fancy enough for entertaining, with a wow factor to entice picky eaters. And the easy science experiments will boost confidence. BONUS: crafts, snack recipes and group games included!
Hungry Kids Campfire Cooking
Kid Food On A Stick
Awesome Science Experiments For Kids
Quick And Clever Kids Crafts

Ricky’s Team

by Nigel Beckett

This is an uplifting tale of a boy who has to start his own football team in order to play. It is a children’s book aimed at eight to twelve year olds.

A cup of coffee with you (1)

by Vaidehi Datey

A story of unflinching n dying love of young girl and boy Mira but their love is at second sight.,but how??and how the cup of coffee changes their lives to know this read a book a cup of coffee with you.

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