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Self Discipline: Tips & Tricks to Keep Yourself Into Discipline for the long term and be more productive

by Peter Filip

Do you dream of making it big…

but can’t find the time or energy to do something about it?

Don’t you wish you were more organized instead of being all over the place?

Are you struggling to find the motivation to achieve your goals?

Stop right there. What you need is a healthy dose of SELF-DISCIPLINE and MENTAL TOUGHNESS.

And THIS ULTIMATE GUIDE is here to help you develop all those qualities!

You might think that successful people are simply â??lucky’ or backed by a rich family, but that’s certainly not the case most of the time. Success comes to those who are disciplined and mentally tough; people who can withstand any challenge that comes their way.

Learning self-discipline is NECESSARY to effectively organize your time and energy, and to use it wisely to motivate yourself and successfully achieve all your goals and dreams.

Similarly, you also need to become MENTALLY TOUGH if you want to be successful. Being mentally tough doesn’t just mean learning to control physical needs like hunger and pain. Mentally tough people can also overcome negative thoughts, fear, and other emotional factors that get in the way of their productivity and path to success.

It’s All Grey: A cartoon compendium of the 2016 election

by D.L. Brasfield

It was total war. All sides were against the man. Even some Republicans turned their backs at one point. Many points, rather. Speaker Ryan didn’t want to be seen anywhere near that man after the tape of him and Billy B. came out where they could be heard joking about grabbing their adversaries by the scrotum, only not their adversaries and not men.
It was Trump, alone, standing in front of tens of thousands of so-called poorly educated men and women, giving humorous speeches that reverberated throughout the stadium like the soft-spoken voice of God. Then he would erupt, “Get ’em outta here!” with the freneticism of a big league umpire. He would show them how to win. That much he did and all it left was ruinâ??that and some strange supernatural force called MAGA.

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