Free science fiction Kindle books for 23 Jul 18

Michael: The Guardian Chronicles: Origins 1

by J.T. Whitman

The Guardians are fierce in their fight against evil, but once they were normal teens. Start from the beginning with Michael as he learns of his destiny and begins his quest to destroy the demons of Belmont.

Across the Zodiac: Science Fiction Novel

by Percy Greg

Across the Zodiac: The Story of a Wrecked Record details the creation and use of apergy, a form of anti-gravitational energy, and details a flight to Mars in 1830. The planet is inhabited by diminutive beings; they are convinced that life does not exist elsewhere than on their world, and refuse to believe that the unnamed narrator is actually from Earth. (They think he is an unusually tall Martian from some remote place on their planet.)

We Have Always Died In The Castle

by Elizabeth Bear

Virtual reality technology is no longer confined to computer-science labs and high-tech theme parks. Today, head-mounted goggles, sensors, and haptic control systems are tools for immersive journalism, professional development, and clinical therapy. In this novella, award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Elizabeth Bear and artist Melissa Gay imagine a near future informed by visceral VR simulations to catalyze positive change.

We Have Always Died in the Castle is the first story in the Crowd Futures project from Arizona State University. An experiment in collaborative storytelling, Crowd Futures brings authors and illustrators into dialogue with members of an intellectually curious public to participate in the creative process by proposing scenarios, sharing ideas, weighing options, and navigating the uncertainties of our looming scientific and technological discoveries.

INQUISITOR’S FURY (The E.M.F. Chronicles Book 2)

by T.A. Marks

Three months have passed since the fateful events of Glastonbury and the group of friends find themselves caught in the madness of their new home in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as they try to make sense of their new lives as super-powered beings.

At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Inquisition forces launch their secret weapon, one that is designed to bring down the newly activated Lucidi.

Enter Strike Force Fury and the Ravens, an elite task force of young Inquisitors equipped with the latest developments in military and Mecha technology, trained to hunt down and exterminate the enemies of the Faith.

Inquisitor’s Fury is the second installment of the E.M.F. Chronicles, a five-part series of suspenseful action adventures with a strong science fiction edge. Follow the life of each character in a tale of friendship, camaraderie and conflict, from the military training grounds in Ireland to the wild rain forests of Brazil. T.A. Marks’ follow up novella is guaranteed to keep you on your toes, from beginning to end.

A Plague Of Dissent

by Nic Taylor

In a world where media companies hack into personal communications at will, Adam and Isobel are pursued by faceless, unknown men.

Riots and civil unrest turn the country upside down, while a mysterious group of insiders is attempts to use the spreading anarchy to further their own agenda. Politicians line their pockets with falsified expense claims and crooked practices operate within the police force, as government contracts are bought and sold by those who have the Prime Minister’s ear.

Dragged into this nightmare scenario, Adam and Isobel face two choices: try to escape… or stand their ground and fight for their future.

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