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by Stewart Bint

A bolt of lightning. A crack of thunder. The lingering smell of ozone in the highly-charged air. And the world has changed forever.

Welcome to the Thunderlands. Even though it looks the same on the surface, there’s just a hint that all may not quite be what it seems beneath. Even the most ordinary things may be just a touch out of kilter.

Stewart Bint’s collection of 21 short stories ranges from the sublime, through powerful, puzzling, funny, horrific and different, to the unforgivably ridiculous.

“Each story is brilliant and unique” – W. R. Watkins, author
“A diverse range of styles and genres” – D. M. Cain, author

Falling for Jordan: A One-Night Stand Baby Romance (A Different Kind of Love Book 2)

by Liz Durano

It’s the last thing I expect to see: a positive result on my pregnancy tests… all three of them.
That’s what I get for having a one-night stand with a gorgeous stranger thinking no one would ever know.

But when I can’t track him down, I come up with the perfect story… something about choosing to become a single mother via a sperm donor. That way, I get to keep my immaculate professional reputation intact. Besides, after everything my colleague Harlow James had to go through during her divorce when she fell for a man so much younger than her, the last thing my office needs is another scandal.

There’s also my Filipino mother who thinks I’m perfect in every way… well, except for the part about finding a man.

When the owners of the bar told me that someone had left a business card for me a year earlier, I knew there was only one woman who’d do thatâ??the smart and beautiful doctor I met the night before I left for Southeast Asia to build schools for a nonprofit.

But just when I figure maybe Addison wants to keep in touch, the last thing I expect is for her to say that I’m the father of a beautiful baby girl who has my green eyes and copper hair.

Now all I want is for us to work, no matter what happens. Or even if we don’t work out, I’ll never abandon my little girl. I just didn’t count on the ex-girlfriend who hasn’t yet accepted that we’re over.

A light-hearted follow-up to the bestselling novel Everything She Ever Wanted, Falling for Jordan is the second book in A Different Kind of Love series which features a diverse heroine (Filipino-American), no cheating, and a HEA. While the book can be read separately, it’s best appreciated when read after Everything She Ever Wanted.

Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book 2)

by Angela B. Chrysler

Blood waters the fields of Alfheim, as war rips across the land of usurped kings and elves.

As the Fae gods draw near, Queen Kallan’s strength is tested as she follows King Rune into Alfheim. But the Shadow Beast caged within Rune’s body writhes in hunger, and Kallan’s newest companion – Bergen, the legendary Berserk – is determined to end the conflict with her life.

As the three come together, the truth buried in the past resurfaces. Now, Kallan must master a dormant power… or watch her kingdom fall to the Fae, who will stop at nothing to keep their lies.

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