Free horror Kindle books for 24 Jul 18

Walking with Zombies

by Michael Esola

A man awakens in a driving rainstorm with no recollection of his life or how he arrived at his present location. His name is the only thing he remembers. He joins up with others experiencing the same lack of memory. They soon find themselves battling an environment filled with vicious and predatory creatures. The moment of clarity comes when they realize that the world and everything in it that has been trying to kill them are not what they seem. They finally come to the stark realization that they may have committed horrible acts for which they must soon atone.

LATTER DAYS: The Dark Journal (Spanish Edition)

by Pedro Suárez Ochoa

It is the year 2020, the Earth has been desolated by a strange pandemic that has almost completely exterminated humanity. A former Venezuelan ex-professor decides to record in a journal all the facts that he lives after the Apocalypse in his country. The only being at his side, is a rodent called Pelusa, which he gets to protect with his life.

The events that happen day after day will not allow you to detach yourself from this addictive story for a second. Are you prepared to live minutes and minutes of suspense?

La Piedra Preciosa Definitiva (Las Pesadillas Gratuitas nº 9) (Spanish Edition)

by Travis Mays

La historia de terror corta noveno en la serie libre de pesadillas. Para saber lo que el destino le pueden estar a la espera en cuanto lances la piedra preciosa definitiva …

A Hazy State of Separation

by Kevin Hammond

John is a troubled writer working his way through a brand new horror fiction zombie novel. He is an American horror story writer. He has a family and a loving wife but something has happened recently. The line between fiction and reality has become blurred. As he loses his grip on reality his life begins to evolve into a work of horror fiction. Alike the story he is working on, his life is turning into a weird fiction story. It all begins with the little white rabbit turning up outside his home. And the finger, then the still beating heart, and the ghost girl who trashes his house. Then there’s the mysterious spy in the blue Toyota. Nothing is what it seems as John watches his life unravel before his eyes. The line separating reality and horror has become hazy

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