Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 24 Jul 18

Cara’s Asylum

by Elsa Harrow

A young, deeply disturbed girl arrives at a mental institution and turns the institution on its head. Bringing havoc unto the patients and staff. Making them question their profession, their ways, the treatment of patients, and she causes them to question their very being.

But for Alec, the intern, this girl becomes a wakeup call, a small distraction that ends up being the light to his dull life. She forces him to open up and causes him to look deeper into his own state of mind. He hates it, but he can’t help but like her.

The Hand in the Dark

by Arthur J. Rees

Mrs. Meredith has invited all her friends from her freer, wilder life in London to meet with her at her husband’s family home in rural Sussex. However, she is seemingly taken ill and can’t accompany the party on their final jaunt to a neighbor’s house after dinner. Her husband, step-sister and friends sit down for dinner just before departing when they hear a scream from Mrs. Meredith’s room, shortly followed by the gun shot. The household ascends the stairs to find the young wife murdered, shot from close range. The case is being investigated by a duo of Scotland Yard inspectors who meet a dead end, and the famous private detective Colwyn will have to offer his point of view.

Pals War: The Battle of the Somme

by A. A. G. Whitehead

The bloodiest battle in history is about to commenceâ?¦

The height of summer has come upon the upper reaches of the River Somme, where Daniel Byrne and his Special Operations Unit – The Knaves – have just been posted.

Sent behind enemy lines as the war comes to a head on France’s ruptured fields, Byrne’s men must fight, not just for their lives, but for the survival of everything they hold dear.

This is the third instalment in the gripping Pals War military adventure series.

Andy Whitehead was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire. He originally trained in the engineering sector. After a brief move to the Algarve he returned to the UK and joined the Fire Service. Towards the end of his twenty-six year career he started to utilise his active imagination to fuel his writing.

Defiance (Law Thrillers Book 2)

by E.J. Law

A conspiracy she wasn’t supposed to overhear . . . An assassination attempt of the man she’s just fallen for . . .

Camille Frederick is a shy U.S. law student who just needed a chance to break out of her comfort zone. An international trip to Moscow with a constitutional law scholar would do just that. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy to overthrow Elena Letov, the most captivating political figure Russian politics has seen. She must either remain quiet and stay alive or confront her adversary and risk everythingâ??including her budding romance with Ilyich Emelin, the famous Russian musician.

The second book in the Law Thrillers series, Defiance is a political/legal thriller that will keep you engaged and entertained. While the focus of this series is for law students preparing for the bar exam, the legal principles are in italics and footnotes so as not to hinder enjoyment of the story for all lovers of political intrigue and international espionage.

Dead Witch Walking on Hollow Graves (Supernatural Protectors: A Legacy of Magic) (Wicked Good Witches Book 10)

by Starla Silver

Doing the right thing sucked in a way that in this moment, Charlie Howard saw clearly why good men went bad. How someone, even a witch, who’d spent his life fighting on the side of good, could suddenly swerve and venture down the dark side.

Lizzy Deane is stuck inside another living nightmare.
Which means she’s not only living out her worst fear of being stuck in another prison, but she’s unable to break the curse on the vampire, Grayson Moone. Who is locked up in the basement of the Howard Witches, but for how much longer? He’s getting stronger with every day that passes.

The only reality they are sure is coming: they are running out of time to break the curse, and save Lizzy. An outcome Charlie isn’t handling well and one that leads him down a path he’d never dreamed he’d go.

Will he give into the temptation?
Or do what is right for Lizzy and The Demon Isle?
Or will he forsake his duty and turn down a dark path he never imagined possibleâ?¦

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