Free poetry Kindle books for 24 Jul 18

Smeared Thoughts

by Kennie Kayoz

Smeared Thoughts brings you thoughts from Kennie just like any other release. But knowing that a day to day life (or a non existant life like his) can cause foggy thoughts and can easily smear your thoughts in all different ways and shows how normal it is for one to go through a wide range of thoughts and emotions while navigating the trials and tribulations of this thing we call life.

The Three Hummingbirds

by Trevor Elder

Three hummingbirds attempt a journey to the end of the world. As they navigate through a dangerous forest, they find a glowing bee that tells them of an evil fairy that is stealing all the world’s water. Together, the four of them try to save the world before the evil fairy grows too powerful.

Cover art is from Cattleya Orchid and Three Hummingbirds by Martin Johnson Heade, courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Family, Friendship, Love, & Life…: A collaboration of Poetry and Thoughts for everyday life.

by David Ray

A collaboration of poetry and thoughts for everyday life.

This book is a collaboration of poetry and thoughts composed by both authors. That which is within deals with the many aspects of everyday life such as family and friends, the battles we face daily, and the fondness we hold for those we love and cherish. It will also give a new perspective on life and a hope that even when things are so tough that we think we cannot stand the pressure of time, there is a greater force (whatever it may be) at work in your corner.

When I Forgot To Sleep

by Susan Llewelyn

When I Forgot To Sleep is the debut poetry collection by Susan Llewelyn. The book is an autobiographical reflection that explores the psychological impact of the growing modern disorder of chronic insomnia compacted into the timeline of a single year.

“Are these dreams or conscious thoughts?
Is this daylight I see or the hollow night?
Am I asleep or awake: I cannot tell the difference.”

Lack of sleep proves to be crippling but also a surprising catalyst for change. Understanding the relationship of the past to the present, love and loss and a mind and body in free fall, demands time be taken to dream and contemplate which ultimately leads to a positive awakening.

Susan is from Melbourne, Australia and is the founder and editor in chief of the global Instagram poetry platform, By Me Poetry.

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