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Worlds of Wonder: A 13th Doorway novel (The 13th Doorway Book 2)

by D J Shaw

Megan, Mark and Andrew return to school in the dead of night but they get no time to relax. A shady military organisation want the power of The 13th Doorway for themselves and take the whole school hostage. Can they keep it’s whereabouts a secret?
In another world entirely, time has stopped flowing properly. Time has been blocked and is flowing backwards on itself, meaning that the inhabitants of that world are meeting future and past versions of themselves – if time is not unblocked soon, the whole Universe could be in danger.
Can Megan enter this world and deal with meeting multiple versions of herself? Can Andrew find some information from a futuristic world with over 4 billion years of evolution? Will Mark be able to enlist Maru’s help once more. What happened to Mr Scott? And, most importantly of all, will Mahasanyatu be held in his prison for much longer?

Once again, it’s time to journey to the world of Prostatum and experience some new Worlds of Wonder.

Worlds of Wonder is the 2nd book in The 13th Doorway trilogy. While it is a fantastic story in its own right, it sets up the reader for an amazing final climax to the tale.

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