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Stop Smoking: Proven Steps And Strategies To Make You Quit Smoking For Good

by Joe Long

The System That Hundreds Of People Have Used To Stop Smoking For Good…

Are you tired of smoking?

Do you hate waking up in the morning with that horrible “smokers cough” that seems to greet all smokers?

Maybe you want your energy back so that you can run and be active like you used to be?

The truth is, these are all valid reasons to quit now but I realize that it can be hard to quit smoking. So if you’re ready to quit but have had worries about sticking with it in the past, this is your chance to actually make it.

The Stop Smoking Book is loaded with all the information you need to make your first attempt a success!

Here is a few topics that’ll be covered:

  • Why You Are So Addicted And How It’s Affecting Your Mental Ability To Commit To Quit
  • Why You Must Quit Smoking Now If You Don’t Want To Severely Shorten Your Life
  • The Most Common Quit Aids And Which One Is Perfect For Your Unique Quitting Situation
  • Statistics About Smokers That Haven’t Been Publicly Revealed
  • The Fast Way To Quit And Beat Those Incredible Cravings That You’re Bound To Get
  • And much more…

Don’t wait another second to get this information – Order your copy of Stop Smoking today!

Biohack: A high-tech conspiracy thriller (Gender Wars Book 1)

by J.D. Lasica

The gripping action thrillerâ??now a #1 Bestseller!

What would you give for a second chance? Valerie Ramirez, a special ed teacher haunted by her toddler’s drowning accident, faces a fateful decision when she’s admitted into a secretive program run by a biotech company.

Kaden Baker, an elite hacker who dabbles in covert ops, finds her life turned upside down when she discovers her parents were imposters. Where does she come from? Who’s been financing her high-stakes secret missions?

The answers lead back to the same mysterious biotech firm. As Kaden and Valerie become allies, they make one startling discovery after another about the company’s dark intentions. But each step closer to the truth puts their lives at greater risk.

The stakes couldn’t be higherâ??for Kaden’s freedom, for Valerie’s fate, and for the future direction of humanity itself.

Praise for â??Biohack’

Biohack is the Dan Brown-meets-Lara Croft-meets-Michael Crichton thriller we’ve been waiting for.”
– Saul Tanpepper, author of the thriller/sci-fi series Gameland

Biohack is the perfect thriller for our anxious age when biology has become hackable and the future of our species hangs in the balance.”
– Jamie Metzl, former NSC official and author of Eternal Sonata and Genesis Code

“Fantastic! It’s like a summer-blockbuster action flick with a brain. Hackers, genetic engineering, and fun, action-packed adventure add up to one of the top thrillers of 2018.”
– Denise Howell, host, This Week in Law podcast

Get it now! Biohack is a roller-coaster thrill ride that appeals to both the head and the heartâ??with a shocking twist you won’t see coming.

Perfect for fans of the late, great Michael Crichton’s science thrillers and fans of Lee Child, A.G. Riddle, and Tim Tigner. Includes a surprise freebie!

Ghost Issues After the Wrong Diagnosis

by Sherri Granato

Visit three of the most haunted destinations in the United States. The amount of deaths that took place within the walls of one lunatic asylum was documented well into the thousands, which could very well be why the facility was named one of the most haunted places on the planet. Bed ridden and later dying at the hands of an insane doctor who cared for her. Long term resident Miss Theadora died from cancer in room 419 at the hands of Norman Baker, who performed daily experiments on the sick woman. The scam artist who used humans for experimentation’s that quite often ended badly was quick to take no blame in the sickly woman’s demise. Her restless spirit is seen walking the hallways, searching for the man who slowly killed her with bad medicine. Lula Tunis is an active ghost seen walking throughout the Crescent Hotel. She died at Christmas time at the hands of the evil doctor who usually appeared cheerful and unaffected in his white suit and outlandish lavender tie. She is perhaps attemting to warn others of the doctors intentions.

The Aging Population and the Health Care System: : Accountability, Differential Experience, and Agingâ??s Impact on a Specific Health Care Problem

by Michael Rodrigues

Public accountability for the health, specifically for the health of elderly adults, is a multifaceted term. On a broad level of analysis, public accountability for health involves the state’s obligation to be answerable for the health of all its citizens and to intervene effectively, efficiently, and equitably using legislation or policy when health crises arise. Health ministries are the primary public accountability bodies for the health of the elderly through financial responsibility for payment of services and policy responsibilities for public health outcomes and issues. Public accountability for equity in health care, including the health of elderly citizens, is the foundational premise of care. Many proposals to initiate the private delivery of publicly financed care have been rejected by governments, largely due to the fact that publicly delivered health care is conceptualized as integral to public accountability for the health of all subgroups of the population. Although citizens generally understand high-quality care as the ideal model for public accountability in health, critical analysis suggests that there is room for improvement.

Baby Elephant: Photo books Fantasy World of Baby elephant, Photography, Pictures Books (photobook nature 1)

by Arika Williams

84 pages large size Photo books of Baby Elephant, photo books nature, photo books adults, photo books children, photo books for babies,
photo book for education

Suitable for education and relaxation

Life and nature that you will never miss.

Full-size images and full color.

Solving Childhood Obesity: Which Programs Work?

by Michael Rodrigues

Obesity is an epidemic that is severally problematic, both due to its risk for citizen mortality and its existence as a critical driver of healthcare costs. This book will explore the problem of childhood obesity and give an example of programs (and their relative advantages and disadvantages) that work to solve this problem. Ontario, Canada’s largest province, will be used as a jurisdiction for analysis.

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