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Werewolf Finding Love: Gay First Time Werewolf Romance

by Van Cole

This Wolf Runs Alone

Clayton is a werewolf with the blood of an alpha coursing through his veins. After his father’s death, it was his duty to take the position of pack leader.

Only, that never happened.

After getting caught up with the wrong man, he succeeded in getting his heart broken and his whole world turned upside down. Before he knew it, he was running alone – a lone wolf.

So, he searched far and wide for his mate.

The one person who can fill the void in his heart.

And he searched for a long, long time.

Until he arrived in a small town. He never expected to stay. But, then again, he never expected to fall in love.

And yet, that’s exactly what he did.

He took the chance. He made himself vulnerable.

Will it turn out for the best or will this new lover betray him like the last?

Niño siempre: Un viaje en el tiempo (Spanish Edition)

by Elliot Coen

¿Cuántas veces extrañamos lo mejor de nuestra infancia? ¿Recordamos la importancia de todo lo que aprendimos?

¿Quién no ha deseado alguna vez volver a ser niño?

Por fin, una novela para aquellos que quieran mantener despierto el niño que llevan dentro.

Con una prosa ágil y cautivadora, Elliot Coen atrapa al lector desde el primer instante para llevarlo en un viaje en el tiempo a partir de sus primeros años, en una familia acomodada de Costa Rica en la prodigiosa década de los 60.

A través de un conjunto de relatos, el autor reflexiona sobre la identidad y la importancia de las enseñanzas de los primeros años: desde la mezcla de osadía e ingenuidad del Elliot niño, hasta el primer enamoramiento adolescente o el periplo del joven Elliot por Europa en su viejo Peugeot 304�  Un relato salpicado de referencias a momentos históricos, como las Olimpiadas de México en 1968, o personajes como Nadia Comanecci, Kennedy o Los Beatles.

Niño siempre desgrana anécdotas sencillas pero extraordinarias por su profundidad. Un recorrido fascinante, descrito con humor y ternura, que nos llevará a comprender mejor la naturaleza humana, y que el autor remata reafirmando su fe en Dios. Un libro que cambiará radicalmente nuestro enfoque vital: “Yo procuro llevar mi vida así, apuntando a la Luna”.

Si te gustaron las novelas de Gerald Durrel y su infancia en Corfú, te atrapará este relato de Elliot Coen. Una novela para recuperar la mirada de la niñez, un libro que nos transformará para siempre.

Wanderlust and Wifi: How To Not Quit Your Job and Travel The World

by AJ Marino

Suffering from an incurable case of wanderlust? Who isn’t? With our newsfeeds filled with glamourous photos of waterfalls and Italian feasts, it can be hard not to get lost in the fantasy of changing your zip code.

Based on a real-life journey through the secrets of New York Times Bestseller’s like 4-Hour Work Week and How To Travel the World on $50 a day, Wanderlust and Wifi can teach you how to see the world and still make an income while doing it. This quick, easy, and humorous guide will walk you through the secret thoughts that may be holding you back, and the practical knowledge you need to figure out what’s next on the path to living out your wandering dreams.

RV Living: Travel Book and Guide to RV Living Full-time (How to Live in an RV, Travel Trailers, RV Lifestyle, RV Boondocking)

by Freeland Sport

You’re About To Discover The #1 Secret To RV Living

With This Travel Book and Guide to RV Living Full-time

Is your dream to hit the road and make exploring new places a daily part of your life? Does seeing pictures of people hiking through beautiful landscapes or eating fresh caught fish cooked over an open fire fill you with hope and longing? Have you heard about your favorite band reuniting for one night only in a town on the other side of the country and wished you could hop into your car and go?

Well, when you make the choice to live in an RV home, all these things become possible! More and more people are choosing to sell or sublet their homes, buy an RV, and live as full-time explorers!

The truth is that doing this is not as crazy as it sounds! It can actually be a practical, budget-friendly option that can help you satisfy your wanderlust and discover some amazing things about yourself and the world around you.

As with any major life change, transitioning into full time RV living takes plenty of preparation and planning. Before you jump in feet first, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Lucky for you, this book is a crash course (no pun intended!) in full-time RV living. In the following pages, you will learn:

  1. Why living in an RV full time is such an enticing option as well as a comparative look at the pros and cons of RV living as it compares to living in a permanent home.
  2. The practical matters like budgeting and basic necessities you will need to consider before you take to the road.
  3. The key steps involved in planning for your new life on the road
  4. And much, much more!

After reading this guide, you will have a clearer idea of what the RV lifestyle is really like and everything you could do while living on the road. Keep reading and keep dreaming!

Here’s Just A Small Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why More People Are Choosing to Live in an RV
  • The Type of People Who Live in an RV Full-Time
  • The Most Common Reasons for RV Living
  • How to Transition into a Full-time RV Lifestyle
  • The Cost of RV Living
  • How to Choose an RV
  • How to Stay Connected While on the Road
  • About Food Options
  • Earning Money While On the Road
  • The Pros and Cons of RV Living
  • The Best Parts of RV Living
  • The Hardest Parts of RV Living
  • Making the Most of Your RV Life
  • And much, much more!

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Travel guide Egypt: Guide and Maps Egypt (guides and maps)

by Tom Harvey

Travel guide Egypt

Join HikersBay family – over 20 000 000 users discover new places with us!

Egypt Travel Guidebook is your ticket to the most important tips for each traveler. The present guide provides an overview of the current informations about Egypt. Much like a paper guidebook, provides detailed information like:

Information about climate
Prices of food, restaurants, accommodation
Travel and tourist information
Safety, Crime, General Information
Egypt Travel Guidebook also contains detailed maps of Egypt that you can use to plan your hiking or car trips. Maps works offline which means no hidden payments & no roaming charges!

Enjoy our guide! Egypt Travel Guidebook make your journey to Egypt easier then ever. Check handy features that you’ll love

Japan Travel guide: Travel Guide and Maps Japan

by Tom Harvey

Japan Travel Guide
Every Day We Collect & Analyzing Travel Data. Check when is the best time to travel & start the journey!

Join HikersBay family – over 20 000 000 users discover new places with us!

Japan Travel Guidebook is your ticket to the most important tips for each traveler. The present guide provides an overview of the current informations about Japan. Much like a paper guidebook, provides detailed information like:

Information about climate
Prices of food, restaurants, accommodation
Travel and tourist information
Safety, Crime, General Information
Japan Travel Guidebook also contains detailed maps of Japan that you can use to plan your hiking or car trips. Maps works offline which means no hidden payments & no roaming charges!

Enjoy our guide! Japan Travel Guidebook make your journey to Japan easier then ever. Check handy features that you’ll love

Last Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance

by Van Cole

Their Marriage Is Fake But Their Love Is Real

Kirin’s life is spiraling hopelessly out of control. His boyfriend is conspicuous by his absence and he has consigned himself to a loveless relationship, while all the time the object of his desire is just out of reach, but tantalizingly near enough to touch, actually, even closer than that, because after a tequila-filled night of black holes in his memory, he has inadvertently ended up married to his best friend, hockey ace and all around Mr. Straight Guy, Jackson.

All he wanted to do was arrange Jackson’s wedding, but he never imagined that it would also turn into his own!

But when they try and get out of the accidental matrimony they have found themselves in, they soon discover it’s not going to be as easy as that!

There’s more, as exes and neighbors take on a larger significance in this expanded story, it becomes harder to get out of their situation. And then there are inconvenient things like feelings, which just seem to get in the way. Finally, a tragic event acts as the catalyst for change between the two of them. Kirin simply has to do something to change their situation – but what?

Whatever it is, he better act fast!

This Book Was Formerly Titled Wedding Night

Chennai To Chicago: Memoir of a software engineer

by Sriram Ramakrishnan

Is there anything permanent at all? Anything that I can lean on to? What is life? What am I doing here? Growing up in the 90’s, hearing people going to “States” as software engineers, I wondered why people were so crazy about America. Without the internet or the zillion TV channels we have today, I had my own fantasies on “States”. Thanks to a Doordarshan Tamil drama in the 90’s, “Marriage in Washington”, I remember as a teenager sitting in front of the Television religiously every week with a yearning in my throat, “I should go to America someday”. I didn’t know how that would happen, I had not even traveled in an Air Conditioned compartment in a train. But I knew, someday, I will go to America. And that someday arrived in the form of an admit in a US university with 100% scholarship and a monthly stipend. That began my wonderful “coming of age” experiences in the next 10 years of my life, with numerous travels, tribulations and life-changing experiences.


by Apt Servizi Emilia Romagna

BlogVille is a crowdsourced blogging project, designed by the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board to allow bloggers from all around the world to discover and share the beauties of the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy. This ebook contains a selection of blogposts, pics and videos from the project, together with links to all the materials generated during the BlogVille Experience.

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