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EMERGING FROM THE SHADOWS: Transcending Fear to Freedom

by Elaine Lees

Emerging from the Shadows is an inspirational story that takes readers through the most defining moments in a transformational journey from Fear to Freedom. รข??Fear’ that was primarily generated from domestic and family violence experiences. However, Emerging from the Shadows is not a story of violence and abuse; it’s a story of rebirth and reclaiming a woman’s natural birthright of Mana Wahine.

Mana Wahine encompasses everything sacred and powerful of being a woman. Balanced in Body, Mind and Soul, and aligned with our physical and ethereal worlds as conduits of ancient knowledge, healing and enlightenment from our Tipuna (Ancestors) and Papatuanuku (Mother Earth).

This book is written within a cultural and Spiritual context with a recurring overarching theme of Honoring the Wisdom of the Maiden, the Mother and the Matriarch. The value of matriarchal wisdom and knowledge within our own families is often overlooked in today’s modern society where more and more women and adolescents are seeking solutions from technology, particularly the internet and social media networks and communities.

This inspirational story offers alternative methods of self-realisation and healing, and encourages women to reclaim their status of Mana Wahine and their natural birthright of Freedom from Fear.

I flew along with you on your journey, I sat on a branch and looked through the window of your story, I ate the pies and chippies with you and rode along in those cars…what a blessing.

Emerging from the Shadow will empower and liberate others.

I laughed, I cried, I reflected, I was inspired and I was impressed.

This story needs to be told to set people free.

Miracles of Hope

by Pamela Edgerton Shields

Our God is opniputent and this I can’t deny. A God of miracles whose riches are far beyond the sky. It took a miracle to put the stars in space. It took a miracle to place the earth in space, but when he saved my soul filled me with his HolyGhost it was love, mercy and grace. Though his glory has been shown, I clearly see, he’s strong and mighty who gave me a living hope to make it through life struggles of sickness, trials and tribulations that may arise. He prepares the table before me in the presence of mine enemies. He anointed my body, healed my mind and gave me a refreshing spirit as I strive to live a holy and righteous life. He healed my children and put us on a new path that gave us the living hope that he promised that will lead us to a crown of life. God is my Alpha and Omega. My beginning and my end. Amen

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