Free fiction Kindle books for 25 Jul 18

Tempting A Marquess for Christmas (A Steamy Regency Romance Book 5)

by Georgette Brown

When it comes to acting the gentleman with Miss Abbott, this marquess is damned if he doesâ?¦and damned if he doesn’t.

In this scorching hot Regency romance, the Marquess of Alastair has doubled the dowry he is providing Miss Abbott because the sooner she is married, the sooner she is out of his care â?? and his fantasies.

To Mildred Abbott’s dismay, her dowry is now attracting numerous unwanted suitors, and she has no interest in marrying. What she wants is an encore of her night at the Château Debauchery, where Alastair once fulfilled her most decadent desires.

When just such an opportunity unexpectedly arises, Alastair concedes to her proposition on one condition: that she never again return to Château Debauchery.

But when their families get together for Christmas and Mildred is confronted with her true feelings for Alastair, will the Château Debauchery prove too great a temptation?

If you’re looking to heat up your reading, start reading TEMPTING A MARQUESS FOR CHRISTMAS today!

READER ADVISORY: Reading the previous book, SUBMITTING TO THE MARQUESS, is recommended but not required to enjoy this scorching hot holiday story.

Naughty & Filthy: 10 Stories That Bring The Heat!

by Hope Fertile

Do you like dirty stories with alpha males who know exactly what they want and won’t waste any time…

Dapper Carter’s 5 Fatale` Flaws…of a man

by Alan Mitchell

“Flawlessly raw & uninhibited”

“Alan Mitchell is on point in his sophomore effort, proving once again he has skills. Dapper Carter has evolved and the journey is mesmerizing.”

“Once again, Alan Mitchell didn’t disappoint! This story was everything – funny, sexy, thought-provoking, introspective & an amazingly honest journey into the male psyche.”

“You have to read this book! I promise you will love it. Kudos to Alan Mitchell on another winner!”

“Realistic trail of what heterosexual men go through with women. It is a just read for grown ups. A must read for both men and women.”

“Racier than the first…”

Dapper’s alchemistic odyssey intertwines with a revolving door of femmes fatales` that helps him realize that he is the only person holding himself back. Witness the rise and fallâ?¦and rise and fallâ?¦ and rise of Dapper as he learns the five things every man should know about himself.

A laugh out loud erotic novel about a playboy extraordinaire, Dapper Carter, who starts out just looking for a good time but ends up finding himself instead. Witness Dapper’s alchemistic odyssey towards self awareness intertwined with a revolving door of femmes fatales. Witness the rise and fall…and rise and fall…and rise of Dapper Carter as he learns the five things every man should know about himself and every woman should know about her man.


The Contract (Nightlong Series Book 1)

by Sarah Michelle Lynch

A taut, erotic thriller from the pen of Sarah Michelle Lynch, author of the thrilling Sub Rosa Series.

Cleo wasn’t my real name.
The way I met Dante wasn’t ordinary.
What I was employed to do for him wasn’t romantic.
His job was even more strange.
I fell for a man I hatedâ?¦
With a passion.
I became someone I hated in the processâ?¦
A Mistress.
Only with guts, patience and determination did I survive.

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