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My Dead World

by Jacqueline Druga

Since childhood, Nila Carter was made to spend every weekend at the family cabin. In her teenage years she believed it to be a prison. As an adult it became her sanctuary and means to survive.

When a mysterious outbreak occurs in India, Nila’s brother, Bobby, a virologist with the CDC, places the family on a precautionary alert to be ready to bug out. Unlike anything he’s ever seen, the rabies-like virus is not only deadly but causes extreme violent behavior in anyone who becomes infected. Following her brother’s advice, Nila begins to stockpile.

After months of preparing, just as it seems the virus is over, everything implodes and Bobby informs them to leave the city. With her family, Nila heads to the mountains and to her father’s isolated cabin. There she is eventually joined by friends and strangers, all hoping to safely stay clear of the virus that grips the world.

While there, the group forms a tight bond, feeling secure that they will beat the extinction event and in due course return home. As time moves on, Nila quickly learns there are things they cannot run from.

Dark Vanishings: Post-Apocalyptic Horror Book 1 (Dark Vanishings – Post-Apocalyptic Horror)

by Dan Padavona

Empty streets. Neighborhoods vanished. The world is a tomb.

Tori awakens to find herself alone in her town. Her parents are missing. Perhaps they were kidnapped. Murdered. Or worse.

And now the evils ones are coming for her.

Running from those who would murder her, Tori flees with a strange boy who seems to know her. Together, they drive south along the east coast and search for humankind.

But the road is full of hidden dangers — death watches them from every shadow.

An evil man appears in Tori’s hometown in New York, flanked by wolf-like creatures with glowing eyes. Hours later, he appears in Virginia, still searching for the fleeing girl. The survivors he locates will serve his dark purpose. He won’t stop until he finds Tori.

Now a secret power awakens inside Tori, a weapon which might save what little remains of the world. Will she embrace her power?

This pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic thriller will take your breath away and leave you wanting more. Fans of Stephen King and Hugh Howey should check out the Dark Vanishings series.

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2016 Indie Horror Novel of the Year Finalist

Praise for the Dark Vanishings series:

A breathtaking story that excites and fulfills – Andrea B

I have read all 4 in this series and loved them all. Reminds me of my favorite author, Stephen King, and his book The Stand. – Robin S

In my opinion, Padavona ranks at the very pinnacle along with King, Koontz, Gaiman and the rest. You will certainly not regret picking this or any of his other works up. – Len M

I went thru the entire series, loved every book. Found it so exciting, and honestly, I slept with the lights on and the dog goes everywhere with me in the house now. Book messes with your mind! – Boo

Characters that you can care about. Read this in one sitting. Scary as hell. Locked my doors even. – SageOctober

Full of twists and scary turns. I strongly recommend it. – natJo

I have been waiting for a post-apocalyptic story like this for a while. – Zach Bohannon

I’ve read The Stand 16 times. I may read this book that many times. – Indie

The intensity of the suspense in these books is more than I have experienced in a long time. The character building was beyond compare. – Michelle K

I could honestly see this series becoming the next big movie franchise. – C Rodriguez

Excellently written book! Dan Padavona is my new favorite author as he is so descriptive and sets up his scenes so well. – Melissa R.S.

This series keeps getting better with each book. – D Byron

Read the complete series. Absolutely awesome author. – Mooresl

Bone Crow’s Tattoos: A Mr. Bone Crow Tale

by Troy D. Kurz

A young man trapped by the chains of depression and lost in thoughts of death receives a tattoo on his eighteenth birthday and a whole lot more. Because the Reaper is back in River’s End, and he has a surprise for Douglass Chambers.

Askew: Tales Off The Brink

by Corbin Tarn

Eleven inky stories. Sharp and short, from spike to dagger size.

“Three”: Chris is expected home, yet his heart longs to roam free. He stops for a hitchhiker, a stranger with a troubled heart of her own.
In “Young Blood”, the inhabitants of an isolated village are shaken by the disappearance of a beloved teenager.
Mark is a slick, sick womanizer on a first date turning bumpy when “An Agent of Fate” comes into play.
“Shifter”: A man arrives home to find it shrinking.
Retirement doesn’t agree with everyone. Neither does what comes “Hereafter”.

In these and six other stories, drama blends with fantasy and dark humor.

Ask Alice

by Paul Sneddon

After a young man wrongs his girlfriend, he decides to prove his devotion by participating in an old urban legend. Even though the practice is dangerous and strictly forbidden in his home town, he knows that some rules are made to be broken. It is time for him to walk the lonely tracks and Ask Alice.

Horizon Of Realms

by Ian Schmidt

The boundaries between instance diminishes as a force capable of unraveling the cosmos re-emerges after its assumed destruction a long time ago. The inhabitants of Earth and its infinite alternatives must look beyond the reaches of their own realm for something capable of stopping this ominous and celestial force. The forces behind creation, and the physical beings of our planet, will hold the well-being of the universe itself in their hands. Unfortunately for them, their plan for success exists within an uninspired, indifferent, and unsuspecting mechanic.


by Barnaby Taylor

A virus has destroyed the world.
Families are torn apart.
Will Jake find his missing mum?
Or will he just become another VIRO?

‘Powerful and poignant, VIRO packs a punch.’
‘Sad and haunting, VIRO is a new take on the zombie genre.’
‘Absolutely thrilling. I loved every page more than the previous, to the point that I couldn’t stop reading.’
‘Highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys zombie stories.’
‘I was left on the edge of my seat when I finished the book with a thirst for more adventure!’

Sojourner: A Novella

by M. Quinten O’Neill

Their power is absolute in the faded remnants of a dead world. Those who are too weak to fight for survival are eatenâ??kept and herded like cattle.

A mysterious figureâ??a sojourner stumbles into this post-apocalyptic hell, hoping to survive. While a young girl seeks to strike out against the dystopian nightmare her life has become. When their paths cross, hope begins.

Sojourner blends fantasy and science fiction into a fast-paced thriller set in a gritty post-apocalyptic world.

Go on. Grab a copy and get lost in the adventure.

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