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THE DORDOGNE RIVER: from source to sea (French Impressions Book 3)

by George East

Over the past 25 years, George East and his wife Donella have travelled coming up for a quarter of a million miles across France by car, bus, train, tram, bicycle, boat and even hot-air balloon. En route they have tarried in every region and department of this richly diverse country. More importantly, they have, by their rough calculation, eaten and drank at around 4,379 restaurants, bars, bistros and country inns. As the author admits, it has been a demanding pilgrimage, but he was more than prepared to take on the challenge and put on four stone in pursuit of culinary perfection.

Across the years, the Easts have written more than a million words in books, articles and blogs about their Gallic adventures, and collected an astonishing 3,000 traditional rural recipes. At the same time, George has registered his sometimes controversial and quirky but always entertaining impressions of the French regions and their denizens.

His latest unique mix of information, anecdote, opinion and recipes is French Impressions: The Dordogne River.

The book takes armchair travellers on an affectionate voyage along the banks of one of France’s most iconic rivers, starting half way up a dead volcano in the Auvergne region and ending three hundred miles later in the Gironde estuary. On their journey through five regions and six departments, the author examines the diverse cultures and communities, their sometimes turbulent history, and how the past informs the present in this deeply fascinating part of a great country.

If you want to know where there be underground dragons, saints with a golden touch and how the good burghers of Sarlat make cat litter from walnut shells, French Impressions: The Dordogne River is the book for youâ?¦
A veritable genius and all round know-all when it comes to France, the French and how to enjoy the delights of their country. Beautifully written guide the this lovely and popular part of France.

Bucket, The Marina Years

by Nigel Beckett

Bucket, The Marina Years, is a humorous account of life in an English marina. The book is centered around Bucket and his efforts to navigate lifes waterways. He is a dreamer, however he is the only person who doesn’t realise it.
All of the stories in this book are true but with a little embelishment. And yes, names have been changed to protect the guilty.

You Might Be Ratchet If…: Humor

by Sinna Bhunns

Ratchet Behavior has become prevalent in the world today

How do you determine if you are ratchet?

Learn the definition of ratchet and find out if you are a member of the ratchet society.

I’ve compiled a list of 100 ways to know if you might be ratchet.

You might be ratchet if…

-If you and your mother are pregnant at the same time by the same man.
-If you have re-used your friend’s hair extensions/tracks when she takes them out because she bought that good Brazilian.
-If you ever tried to pay your uber driver with weed or other drugs.

These are just a few of the ways to determine if you are ratchet.

This work of fiction is intended to create laughter only. Please do not buy if you are easily offended and have no sense of humor.


Creeping Crawling Cinema

by Edward Brock

A mini-encyclopedia of “killer bug” movies–from Them! to Big Ass Spider!

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