Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 Jul 18

New Beginning Bride – A Gift For Jared (Brides For All Seasons Vol.3 Book 7)

by Terri Grace

Turned out of the orphanage where she grew up from when she was six, Alice Sanders has to guard her virtue from someone she thought she could trust. A lost telegram leads her to the West and marriage.

Jared Powers is shocked when he finds out that the woman he marries isn’t the one he’s been corresponding with for nearly two months.

Brides For All Seasons Vol.III is a heartwarming seasonal series by bestselling author Terri Grace. Sincere seasonal stories filled with simple honest characters you will fall in love with.

Where Love Restores (Where There is Love Book 4)

by Donna Fletcher Crow

Georgiana is intrigued by the handsome stranger who appears unexpectedly at the hunt ballâ??then amazed and delighted to discover he is none other than Granville Dudley Ryder, dearest playmate of her childhood. The specter of Granville’s harsh father, however, shadows all that Granville strives to achieve until the terrors of the Cato Street Rebellion lead Granville to reconciliation and love.
An entirely historical story that moves from Cambridge to Somerset, to London to Wales and includes many of the most famous people of the day, the letters they wrote, and the words they spokeâ??even the animals are a matter of record. A love story for all time.

Loving Brody (Loving Brody & Saved by Sam Duet Book 1)

by Sarah Gai

‘ A sweet lighthearted inspirational romance. I fell in love with!’

Meg has always done things for herself, surviving on her own, guarding her heart from anyone and everyone. But her new next door neighbour threatens to knock her carefully constructed walls to the ground.
Brody can’t stop thinking about his next door neighbour, with her auburn locks and that rare smile he longs to see more often.
Will Brody be able to break through Meg’s resistance? Will Meg finally let someone in?

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