Free science fiction Kindle books for 25 Jul 18

Penticore Prime

by Mark Chevalier

Penticore Prime, a world where death is not bound by the laws of biology, and majestic towers rise into geosynchronous orbit. While far below, a colossal dome encloses a vast city landscape overflowing with light, color, and majestic architecture. Yet there is a reason why this ancient and powerful race is confined to fifteen cities across one broad continent, and that reason is climate change.

Candor Shubin, a noted geologist, is a man caught between two worlds. Thrust into this alien landscape, his desperate struggle to reconcile reality threatens to fracture his sanity, and end his existence. Yet the clock is ticking, and as the danger to Penticore Prime grows, Candor discovers more than he could possibly imagine.

In an explosive climax that challenges the precepts of evolution, and time, Candor is forced to answer the questions. What if humanity is just a link in the chain of cosmic consciousness? How far would you go to save the ones you love? And who, is Jeremiah Strange?


by Greg Ramsay

Content Warnings: Rape, Domestic Abuse.
Author’s note: This is my memoir wrapped in fiction. Bruce Knight is my self-insert. As a disabled author I fought to survive through the same suffering as him, growing up abused by a father figure for ten years and getting raped by a female… Ultimately I’m no superhero, but I wanted to beat my pain by turning it into this story. I hope you’re able to enjoy it.

Now for the blurb:
Living is hard enough, but when you’re trapped in a Holdfast – a 2090 era shelter – after a nuclear war, you can’t expect much. The thing isâ?¦ it isn’t the devastation you have to fear, but a far worse threat: Survivors.

When societies collapse there’s no more need for restraint. So, you, dear reader, can expect many horrendous scenes. Including, rape, familial abuse, torture, slavery and a remnant of old humanity: irony. Though what you imagine now may not reflect reality, because despite human arrogance, we won’t be the only survivorsâ?¦

Those adverse to graphic content: Brave this story, and you’ll be rewarded with an intriguing, unfortunately possible, and truly horrid future. This book contains in uncensored detail the fate of a cursed boy from his youth onward in the post-apocalyptic hell that so many prophesized. Will the tortures of his inescapable reality break him?

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