Free sports Kindle books for 25 Jul 18

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Game Plan: How to develop a BJJ Game

by Al Hogan

A how to guide that Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players can use to link individual techniques to one another in the development of their individual “Style” or “Game Plan” and to help them progress in the mastery of techniques during the “Roll.”

Camping Guide: 25 Essential Camping Hacks And Best Tips To Find Edible Wild Plants And Mushrooms: (Outdoor Survival Guide, Camping For Beginners, Edible Wild Plants)

by Herman Patterson

Camping Guide:

25 Essential Camping Hacks And Best Tips To Find Edible Wild Plants And Mushrooms

Book 1


25 Essential Camping Hacks: Backpacking, Food and Safety. Start Your Adventure

Cabin fever is a horrible thing, and after the severe winters some of us who live on the East Coast have been having, you really can’t blame us for being a little bit excited when the first signs of spring begin to arrive. But before you load up your tent and fishing pole there are a few useful hacks that you should know about. This book compiles all of those valuable tricks of the trade such as how to successfully navigate through the wilderness without getting lost, how to find food and water no matter where you are, and how to always have a roaring campfire.
These things are essentials but it is amazing at how many don’t have a good working knowledge of how they can accomplish these basic tasks. Well, don’t worry my friends, because the 25 essential hacks in this book covers these and much more. Whether you are a novice setting out on a hiking trip for the first time with your buddies or you are a hardened veteran, this book has something to offer.
In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Use instruments of navigation
  • Locate Food and Water
  • Effectively communicate in the wilderness
  • And more!

Book 2

Survival Guide:

TOP Secrets Of Finding Edible Wild Plants And Mushrooms

There was a time in the not so long ago geologic past, when human beings would scour the globe to hunt and gather all they needed from the environment. There were no super markets, there was no McDonalds, and no vending machines for our foraging ancestors to depend on, all they had were their own wits and will to ferret out their nutrition right out of the wild growths of the Earth. And now more than ever it has become in vogue to make a return to our ancient roots and learn to gather sustenance in this manner once again.
Whether it is for the sake of those following health regimens such as the Paleo Diet, or those following retro lifestyles such as the urban homesteader, or for survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts who would like to be able to eke out an existence off the land, now more than ever folks are wanting to learn how to forage for their food for themselves. This comprehensive guide provides you with all the information you need to do just that.
Providing you a full listing of what grows in what season, what to look for, and even how to prepare it. This book describes wild flora, fauna, and fungus just as it would appear to you if you came upon it in the world. This guide also explicitly informs as to what morsels may be edible, and which may be not. If you are looking for a guide to help you forage, look no further than this book!
In this book you will learn:

  • What foods you can forage
  • The best seasons to find food
  • How to know what’s edible and what’s not
  • And more!

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