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Tigerâ??s Mate: Gay Paranormal MPREG Romance

by Van Cole

Lance and Ewan live on totally opposite ends of the same spectrum

Lance, having lived as the High Alpha of a secret tiger shifter Streak his entire life, is itching to get out and experience the world beyond the boundaries of the forest in which he lives. At night he gazes down into the glittering lights of the city, and wonders what it would be like to leave everything he knows behind, and indulge his curiosity among the very beings who threaten his people’s existence.

Ewan, meanwhile, finds himself cooped up in an office at all hours, his life a stuffy and miserable one. A tiger shifter himself, he was adopted by a human family when he was only a child, and has never really felt he had much of a place in the world in which he lives. He wonders whether there could possibly be others out there who are like them, or whether he’ll be forced to spend the rest of his life in hiding, denying his true self.

It seems like fate, then, when the two men’s paths happen to cross at a bar one evening, and they spend the night together in the rapturous throes of ecstasy, revealing their true selves in a way that they’ve seldom done to anyone else around them.

Could this be true love at first sight?

Or will the rolling of their paths in opposite directions doom their relationship before it’s even had the chance to begin?

The Game: Gay Sports Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay Sports Romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

In The End Zone: MM Sports First Time Romance
Fair Catch: Gay Sports Comedy Romance
Game Day: MM First Time Football Romance
The Secret Groom: Gay Sports Billionaire Romance.
Stealing Home: Gay Sports Bad Boy Romance
Turning Point: Gay First Time Sports Romance
Full Contact: MM New Adult Sports Romance
One More Chance: Gay Second Chance Sports Romance
The Other Man: Gay Second Chance Sports Romance (One More Chance Sequel)
Tie The Knot: M/M Sports First Time Romance
The Two Husbands: Gay First Time Comedy Romance (Tie The Knot Book 2)
The Bad Boy Of Football: MM College Football Romance
Their Baby To Raise: Gay Alien Hockey Romance
Opposites Attract: Gay Bad Boy Hockey Romance

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Gay Sports romance reads.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

Long Road to Chavin: A Shamanic Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

by Martin Stevens

In late middle age and with only a backpack for luggage the author leaves behind a comfortable life in the USA to find a new love, a new home and new work in the highlands and jungles of Peru. A gifted psychic in Santa Barbara helps him set his trajectory and later he discovers deep natural healing for a chronic ailment with Shipibo shamans after being given a magnificent introduction to Peru’s ancient past via the sacred cactus medicine known as Huachuma.
As an alumnus of Waldorf alternative education he follows magical promptings which result in his meeting his new love, a class teacher in the Rudolf Steiner schools worldwide movement and together they form a new initiative bringing Waldorf education to some remote corners of Peru.
Along the way the author shares his philosophical conviction that despite all the obvious evil in the world, humanity is engaged with embarking on a new expanded cultural and scientific narrative leaving behind an insistence on the rigid paradigm
of materialism in which the human being is seen as nothing but a biological robot in a meaningless universe.
And he returns time after time to the magnificent ancient temple of Chavin which still radiates a perceptible atmosphere of love even after almost four thousand years since construction first began on the first of its various buildings.

Black Girls Travel Too!: on a budget…

by K.A. Williams

Black Girls Travel Too! is the essential guide that takes you step by step through the traveling process from searching for flights to booking that room all with the budget conscious sister in mind. Kat & Amber, two sisters who eat the world one bite at a time share their tested steps and share tips that work for all.

Topics covered:

-Travel planning
-Best packing tips
-Saving and budgeting
-Finding cheap airfare
-Finding affordable and safe accommodations
-Traveling solo

India’s first world heritage city

by Aakash Poddar

This book is about India’s first world heritage City Ahmedabad declared by UNESCO. Facebook tells you to Ahmedabad and its beautiful culture , monuments , heritage sites , temple , food and spices etc…. This book shows why the Ahmedab is India’s first world heritage City and its beautiful culture. This book solves your all the questions of Ahmedabad.

Washington DC: The Best Of Washington DC For Short Stay Travel

by Gary Jones

Washington DC Travel Guide 2018 !

Discover the best Washington DC has to offer in just a few days

If you are planning to go to Washington DC for vacation or business, and you only have 2 or 3 days and you want to make the best of your short stay, then you have come to the right place.

The focus of this book is to make your short stay one of the most

memorable experiences of your life.The goal of this book is not to squeeze everything the city has to offer into 2 -3 days.The goal is to show you the best of the city in a short time. I know people like different things, but Washington DC is such an incredible city that even in a small area you will find a variety of things that will fascinate or interest you.

If you are looking for the encyclopedia of travel books, then don’t buy this book.This book is for a short stay traveler only!We focus on the best the city has to offer.

Here Is A Preview …

  • How Washington DC Came Into Being
  • Transport and Safety
  • Restaurants, Bars, and Cafe’s
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Sample 3 Day Itinerary

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Detours Into the Paranormal: Atlantic City Road Trip

by Denver Michaels

In this book, the reader joins Denver Michaels as he travels from his home in Virginia to Atlantic City, New Jersey. The four-hour-drive to Atlantic City winds through four states; there are many unexplained creatures and strange locations along the way. Michaels will serve as a “paranormal tour guide” stopping at haunted buildings, bridges, and other landmarks and sharing some of the interesting history of each location. He will also discuss the urban legends, folklore, and mysterious creatures of the areas as he drives along and combines this with Colonial Era and Civil War history and shares some of his own personal experiences.

Creatures such as the Jersey Devil, the Sykesville Monster, the Dwayyo, the Snallygaster, Bigfoot, Big Red Eye, sea serpents, and more will be discussed. Some of the haunted locations include the Absecon Lighthouse, the John Brown Raid Headquarters, the Rockwood Mansion, Fort Delaware, and many more.

Banshee (A Dermot O’Hara Mystery Book 2)

by Michael McDonnell


“Truly fantastic read”

By Jason Allen

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“Simply outstanding literature. There is a fair sense of humour, drama, and unlike any other book I have read, I felt truly empathetic towards the characters in the novel. If you are reading this very brief review, please read this book! Don’t judge the book by its cover!”

“A great read!”

By Vicky

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This book has a lovely atmospheric start that draws you in and it then turns into a real page turner. Sympathetic characters and great writing. It will make you want to visit Ireland! Highly recommended.

Thoroughly enjoyable read June 10, 2014
By carole dunphe
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This is the first book I have read by Michael McDonnell but not my last. I loved all the characters especially Inspector O’Hara. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery with a little romance added. Jo his wife is intriguing and caught my attention from the start. A few twists and turns and the book had me looking for more. Enjoy. I am starting the next book now. I can’t wait.

“Terrific book!”

By Maureen Kelleher

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Those who enjoy Martha Grimes will love this book. Colourful characters, detailed description of the locale and a great mystery story. Can’t wait to purchase the next Dermot O’Hara novel.”


By Catherine A Goldsmith

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I love this book. Very real characters and a true sense of Ireland. Looking forward to more from this author. A great holiday read.


â??Jo, Dermot, Tom. God save us, this is a sorry sight.’
The doctor sighed and glanced round the group, all trying to avoid eye contact with one another. McAteer turned and started down the slipway towards the wreck.
â??I suppose we’d better see if the body’s still in the boat,’
Dermot wished he could turn back the clock. But the life force that had been Peter Foley was gone.’


When Peter Foley’s fishing boat sinks in the waters off the coast of Ireland, a lethal secret is revealed. Local superstition claims that when death is imminent supernatural forces manifest themselves and the Banshee sings. Dismissing this as nonsense and with terrible danger facing Kenmare, Inspector Dermot O’Hara confronts unseen powers and his old nemesis, Assistant Commissioner Quinn.

New passion is born but an old ghost and past sins emerge to torment Dermot and threaten his cozy existence. All the police officer’s detective skills are called on to solve the mystery and save his town. So great are the dangers that even the love of his wife and the loyalty, humour and friendship of the regulars in Crowley’s Bar, appear inadequate against the forces opposing them. A colourful cast, from former FBI man Frank McMahon, who could happily live on a diet of Irish stew and Black Bush whiskey, to the journalist known as â??the Beast’, populate the pages of this romantic Irish thriller.

Cover art is ‘Rueckkehr’ reproduced by kind permission of Ute Laum.
You can see more of Ute’s paintings at:

Categories: holiday read holiday reading fiction Irish detective police crime thriller.

Guía de viaje Grecia: Guía y mapas Grecia (Spanish Edition)

by Tom Harvey

Guía de viaje Grecia
Todos los días recopilamos y analizamos datos de viajes y turismo. Averigüe cuándo es el mejor momento para viajar.

Ã?nete a la familia HikersBay – ¡más de 20 millones de viajeros descubren el mundo con nosotros!

Este libro presenta información actual sobre el viaje. Al igual que en las guías de papel, aquí encontrará información como:

Información sobre el país y su historia
Consejos para los viajeros
Información sobre el clima y el tiempo, la cultura, las tradiciones y otros aspectos de interés para los viajeros
Mesas de datos con combustible, comida, alojamiento, precios de restaurantes y mucho más!
El libro también contiene mapas detallados que puede utilizar al planificar sus viajes. Los mapas están disponibles fuera de línea, lo que significa que no hay cargos o costos adicionales de roaming.

Grecia (Griego: Î?λλάÏ?, Hellas) es un país del sur de Europa, en el extremo más meridional de la península balcánica, con extensas costas e islas en los mares Egeo, Jónico y Mediterráneo. Limita al norte con Albania, la República de Macedonia (ARYM), Bulgaria y Turquía. Tiene una cultura antigua que ha tenido una influencia significativa en las artes, el lenguaje, la filosofía, la política y los deportes de la sociedad occidental, incluyendo los géneros de la comedia y el drama, los alfabetos occidentales, los ideales platónicos y el método socrático, las democracias y repúblicas, y los Juegos Olímpicos. Además, es un lugar geográficamente atractivo para visitar, con un continente montañoso y playas idílicas de la isla.

Reiseführer �gypten: Reiseführer und Karten �gypten

by Tom Harvey

Reiseführer �gypten
Täglich sammeln und analysieren wir Reise- und Tourismusdaten. Finden Sie heraus, wann die beste Reisezeit ist.

SchlieÃ?en Sie sich der Familie HikersBay an – mehr als 20 Millionen Reisende entdecken mit uns die Welt!

Dieses Buch präsentiert aktuelle Reiseinformationen. Wie in den Papierhandbüchern finden Sie hier Informationen wie z.B:

Informationen über das Land und seine Geschichte
Hinweise für Reisende
Informationen über Klima und Wetter, Kultur, Traditionen und andere Dinge, die für Reisende relevant sind.
Datentabellen mit Treibstoff, Essen, Unterkunft, Restaurantpreise und vieles mehr!
Das Buch enthält auch detaillierte Karten, die Sie bei der Planung Ihrer Reisen verwenden können. Die Karten sind offline verfügbar, d.h. es fallen keine zusätzlichen Roaming-Gebühren oder Kosten an.

Ã?gypten (Ã?gypten) (arabisch: Ù?صر; offiziell die Arabische Republik Ã?gypten) liegt im Nordosten Afrikas mit seiner Hauptstadt in seiner gröÃ?ten Stadt, Kairo. Ã?gypten erstreckt sich auch nach Asien, indem es die Sinai-Halbinsel hält. Ã?gypten grenzt im Nordosten an Israel und den Gazastreifen, im Süden an den Sudan und im Westen an Libyen. Das Land wird vom Mittelmeer und dem Roten Meer (im Norden bzw. Osten) begrenzt und sowohl vom Nil und seinem fruchtbaren, gut bewässerten Tal als auch von der östlichen und westlichen Wüste geografisch dominiert. Ã?gypten ist vielleicht am besten bekannt als die Heimat der alten ägyptischen Zivilisation, mit ihren Tempeln, Hieroglyphen, Mumien und – vor allem sichtbar – ihren Pyramiden. Weniger bekannt ist das mittelalterliche Erbe Ã?gyptens, das dem koptischen Christentum und dem Islam zu verdanken ist – alte Kirchen, Klöster und Moscheen prägen die ägyptische Landschaft. Ã?gypten regt wie kaum ein anderes Land die Phantasie westlicher Touristen an und ist wohl eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele weltweit.

Kusatsu Onsen (French Edition)

by Tony Roppon

Connaissez-vous Kusatsu Onsen?
Kusatsu Onsen a été reconnue comme l’une des trois meilleures sources thermales au Japon.
Il faut environ trois heures pour vous rendre à la source chaude de Kusatsu depuis Tokyo.

Si vous aimez les sources thermales japonaises, vous devriez aller à Kusatsu Onsen.
Parce que Kusatsu Onsen est la meilleure source d’eau chaude au Japon.

…. * ….. * ….. * … * * ….. * … * * ….. * … * * … .. * …. * ….. * ….



Chapitre 1: Yubatake

Chapitre2: Yumomi


Lan Sluder’s Guide to the Cayes, Coast and Beaches of Belize

by Lan Sluder

LAN SLUDER’S GUIDE TO THE CAYES, COAST AND BEACHES OF BELIZE is the new, up-to-date travel guide to the Belize Barrier Reef, beaches, islands and atolls of this amazingly beautiful country on the Caribbean Sea.

You’ll benefit from award-winning author Lan Sluder’s 25 years of traveling in and reporting on Belize. He has explored every part of Belize many times, has personally stayed at more than 250 hotels in Belize (and toured the rest) and has tried nearly every restaurant in the country. As the award-winning author of 16 books on Belize, including Fodor’s Belize, Easy Belize, Lan Sluder’s Guide to Belize and Living Abroad in Belize, Lan Sluder knows the country and tells it like it is.

This guide gives you the latest scoop on snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, sailing, visiting ancient Maya ruins, caving, birding, wildlife and marine life spotting, snorkeling with sharks and stingrays, diving with whale sharks and other activities on the water and on land.

It gives you detailed, candid information on the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and tours. And it also gives you tips on how to avoid rip-offs and overpriced tourist traps. It shares tips on stretching your travel dollars and provides itineraries and choices for your budget, whether it’s high, low or in-between. This travel guide covers every coastal beach and island destination in Belize, from popular islands like Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker to Placencia and Hopkins to off-the-beaten path, little-visited places like Sarteneja in Northern Belize and Punta Negra, Monkey River and the Sapodilla Cayes in the Deep South.

Lan Sluder’s Guide to the Cayes, Coast and Beaches of Belize covers all these destinations and more:

– Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole
– Turneffe Atoll and Glover’s Reef Atoll
– Offshore islands inside the Belize Barrier Reef including Southwater Caye, Tobacco Caye, the Snakes Cayes, Sapodilla Cayes, Ragged Cayes and more
– PLACENCIA, HOPKINS and Dangriga on the Southern Coast
– Punta Gorda in Toledo District
– Corozal Town, Cerros and Sarteneja in Corozal District
– Belize City

This guide lists the Top 10 Everything — Top 10 Beach Resorts, Top 10 Budget/Value Hotels, Top 10 Restaurants, Top 10 Watering Holes, Top 10 Attractions, Top 10 Adventures and 10 Best Beaches in Belize!

Lan Sluder’s Guide to the Cayes, Coast and Beaches of Belize tells you everything you need to know about getting to Belize by air, sea and land … and how to travel safely around the country by bus, water taxi, rental car, puddle jumper and private shuttles. It shares the wonderful diversity of this little country — Maya, Mestizos, Creoles, Garifuna, Mennonites and others. It even gives you a quick lesson on traveler’s Spanish and “Bileez Kriol.”

This is the new guide that goes in-depth on Belize’s national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and marine reserves. It gives you precise information on how to get to where you want to go and exactly how much you should pay. The new guidebook includes more than 40 color photos and maps.

Check the Table of Contents and the free preview and see if you agree that you get far more for your money with the newest and most up to date guide to Belize’s islands, coast and beaches. It’s also available in a handy 315-page paperback edition.

Kusatsu Onsen (German Edition)

by Tony Roppon

Kennst du Kusatsu Onsen?
Kusatsu Onsen wurde als eine der drei besten heiÃ?en Quellen in Japan anerkannt.
Es dauert ungefähr drei Stunden, bis Sie von Tokio aus die hei�e Quelle Kusatsu erreichen.

Wenn Sie japanische hei�e Quellen mögen, sollten Sie nach Kusatsu Onsen gehen.
Weil Kusatsu Onsen die beste heiÃ?e Quelle in Japan ist.

…. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * … .. * …. * ….. * ….



Kapitel 1: Yubatake

Kapitel 2: Yumomi


Kusatsu Onsen (German Edition)

by Tony Roppon

Kennst du Kusatsu Onsen?
Kusatsu Onsen wurde als eine der drei besten heiÃ?en Quellen in Japan anerkannt.
Es dauert ungefähr drei Stunden, bis Sie von Tokio aus die hei�e Quelle Kusatsu erreichen.

Wenn Sie japanische hei�e Quellen mögen, sollten Sie nach Kusatsu Onsen gehen.
Weil Kusatsu Onsen die beste heiÃ?e Quelle in Japan ist.

…. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * ….. * … .. * …. * ….. * ….



Kapitel 1: Yubatake

Kapitel 2: Yumomi


110 Best Travel Tips: Save time and money, stay healthy and safe, have fun!

by Talek Nantes

In celebration of having visited 110 countries, Talek Nantes would like to share her 110 best travel tips with her readers. “110 Best Travel Tips” is a collection of actionable advice for travelers who want to learn tips for maximizing their travel experience. The book is divided into six sections; safety, transportation, staying healthy, packing light, saving money and, critically important, having fun! The tips and hacks in this book are gathered from a lifetime of travel across the globe and answers questions like:

-What is the single most important tip guaranteed to save you money and headaches?
-What are the best websites to find and book cheap flights, and which should you avoid?
-How to breeze through airport security.
-How to reduce the effects of jet lag so you can start enjoying your trip faster.
-The best way to pack a carry-on and avoid checking luggage, even for a long trip.
-How to save money on meals and eat better for less.
-Where to get the best currency exchange.
-How to get around efficiently even if you don’t speak the language.
-Tips for never losing your valuable possessions while traveling.
-How to avoid pickpockets and tourist scams.
-Tips on how to break out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself into a different culture.

110 Best Travel Tips inspire readers to travel and explore experiences in interesting locations. To inhale the smells of a spice market in a Turkish bazaar. To marvel at the Statue of Liberty while drifting slowly past it on the Ferry. To view a sunrise on the other side of the world. It’s all about the experiences that will stay with you.

When asked why she travels, Talek responds “Travel makes you happy. It just makes you feel good in a way nothing else does. Seeing a place for the first time is especially electrifying; tasting new foods, finding your way around, communicating. I believe that traveling outside your comfort zone helps you hone practical skills used in your day-to-day life like problem-solving, goal setting and communication.”

Talek has been traveling for a lifetime. She has lived and worked in places as diverse as Nigeria, China, Argentina and the U.K. Along the way Talek has picked up the best practices for optimum travel that only a lifetime of trial and error experience can deliver.

110 Best Travel Tips shares these experiences with you and will inspire you to create your own unique experiences. These travel tips and advice will provide you with useful information to help you create unforgettable travel adventures.

Log in to, start planning, take that first step and live the dream.

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