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Lost In The Third World War

by Shubham Joshi

“Hitler! Why is he not dead? And what is he doing here in future?”
“Don’t know but last time when we had confronted him, we had nuked him.”
“He is here now.”
“He has the mask.”
Hitler is here. The mastermind of the third world war as world had seen it. What would you do? Ask him nicely, what is he upto? Well, for that he plans revenge using antiparticle bombs. But what will you do? You had tried to destroy him last time with his own nukes in his own time, 3700AD, to where you had accidentally traveled using a mask. He had quiet an army. But of course you had help of a strange burnt man, calling himself the ‘Time Traveler.’
3720 AD:
He was frustrated. He was the scientist. His country had him to make a ‘mask’, a certain mask that three teenagers, coming from the future, had used to travel time. Of course, because of the three teenagers his country had won the third world war. Hitler had been defeated. But now, how to make this mask?
A man materialized in him front of him, half burnt from head to toe.
“Who the hell are you?”
“I am the time traveler. I bring you the knowledge. You make the mask now and it becomes my legacy in future.”
3720 AD:
“Why let me go now? You and your father, Hitler have kept me in chains for months now. You kidnapped the scientist. You have the mask. You got what you want. You can kill me now.”
“He is my father, Aarjey. I have to obey him. But I love you and that is why I want you to run away.”
“I don’t love you. I don’t trust you.”
“Then I will take poison from this vile. I die. I leave you the key. You can escape using the secret tunnel.”
“Go on.”
She has taken the poison. She is about to die. She is your girlfriend. But she is the daughter of the biggest enemy of your country, Hitler. What will you do? Will you run away? Will you take her away with you? Or will you just leave her here to die?
“I know you! You are the burnt man! What have you done to my sister?”
“Nothing much, Mr. President, just partially paralyzed. If you give me the launch codes for the nukes, I will let her and you live.”
He is torturing your sister. You are the president. If you just give away the missile launch codes, he will let you live. But presidents of thirteen other countries are already dead. Will he let you live? And what is he up to?

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