Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 26 Jul 18

A Little Bit of Arizona: Volume 5

by Paul Moore

This is a photography book; it does not explain or attempt to teach you about photography, in Arizona or anywhere else. One of the greatest pleasures about photography is experimenting to see if the image you capture resembles the image you had in your mind when you took it.
This book is small; it is intended to be small. It is an attempt to bring the cost of photography books down to as low as they can go without sacrificing digital quality of the images within. This is the fifth volume in a series, length or number unknown at the moment. However, when the series becomes sufficiently voluminous, they will be combined into a larger, and unfortunately more expensive, volume.
This volume contains about 40 images. Future volumes may contain a few more or a few less depending upon final digital size. I sincerely hope you enjoy the images within.

How to Self-Publish Your Own Quilt Catalog: A Workbook for Quilters, Guilds, Galleries and Textile Artists

by Kyra E. Hicks

Be a quilt artist + author! If you know how to use Microsoft Word, have Internet access, and a dozen or more images of your artwork, YOU CAN make your own art catalog. This workbook will show you step-by-step how to concept, layout, write, publish and promote a 24-page or 36-page full-color paperback art catalog. You will also learn how to have your catalog available on, the largest online bookstore.

If you have thought about creating a catalog of your artwork for your family and friends, for your regular customers or collectors, for a school project, for your professional artist statement, for an exhibit of your work, or even for your historical quilt or art history research, this workbook is for you!

This workbook is specially designed for quilters, quilt historians, textile artists, guilds, and gallery owners.



Tyra and Jennesa are two sisters who live in Baltimore, in the U.S.A
Tyra is an artist, and she is gay, but does not know how to communicate it to anyone. Jennesa, who is straight, a travel agent, meets and falls in love with Scot, gets pregnant for him. They are on the verge of getting married when Tyra meets Scot for the very first time, and instantly, identifies him, as one of the thieves who robbed and shot her Mom and Dad dead some years back. Now Jennesa is confused, so is Scot. And how could Tyra be right? Is she just acting strange because she is so frustrated for not being able to voice her sexual orientation? What is truly going on?

God Is A DJ – Mel Namez Me Raz (R)(C)(Tm): Pr Poems And London Incantations 6-Cjazz. For Djs’ And Musicians.

by Charles Buck Emanuwa

An essential collection for blockbuster Musicians, rappers and DJs’. A highly sophisticated collection of vigisemal verses designed for DJ’s to recite when they are short of words during gigs at Universities, Radio sessions and Top Clubs… A rich wordplay (Semblance of flying dispersed rainbow-coloured tiny shredded fine papers) of philosophical phenomena addressed from qualitative intuitions and visions ending properly or implicitly with a poetic justice. Hearing good things. I like these mono-talk: ‘Preach me well; love my say; dance to tune; all the time.

Bikes of flour; bake me a treat – here. A รข??HE’ is here!

Tease me not in touch me not; not all that is good is gold – it can be fire eat and gold run.

Three wise of men; crown the star; it shone at ease; on its own; lust is food and none safe drink.

Good is good; mad is mad – just like that.

Wises me well; treat me well; heal me well; There you are.

Lass of love; lad of love in more still cool.

Thanks be unto my God; thanks be unto your God; Scot skirt like – spell in how far?

Close not door; seek and find; chaste and pure; find God now!’

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